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KIIS Italy Winter Students Hold Art Exhibit At Marshall University

Sophia Gillispie, Sophie Kelley, Morgan Napier, and Callie Thacker, Marshall University Students, studied abroad on the KIIS Italy Winter 2023-2024 program. They orchestrated a compelling two-week art exhibit in Marshall’s student gallery, displaying artwork created during the study abroad program or inspired by it. Accompanying this showcase was a student panel, featuring four of Prof. Ian Hagarty’s (KIIS Italy Winter Program Director) art students, and a video production student who had traveled to Japan with KIIS the previous summer. The panel provided insights into studying abroad, cultural immersion, and the distinctive aspects of traveling with KIIS. The event concluded with a modest reception, fostering a sense of community around their shared artistic exploration.

Gallery Statement:

“Mostra D’Arte presents a slice of Italy through the experiences of four study abroad students Sophia Gillispie, Sophie Kelley, Morgan Napier, and Callie Thacker. This collection celebrates the immense culture and profound artistic influences of Florence and Rome, serving as a testament of both historical exploration and creative inspiration. The viewer is invited to indulge in the essence of Italian culture displayed in these works, all of which echo the transformative impact of studying abroad.”

Photography credit: Morgan Napier (Instagram: @morgannapierphoto)

thumbail-marshall art exhibit

Sophia Gillispie, Sophie Kelley, Morgan Napier, & Callie Thacker

KIIS Italy Winter
Marshall University

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