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Expected Standards

KIIS is committed to supporting and encouraging safe and equitable educational environments for our Students, Faculty, Program Directors, Campus Representatives, Board and staff.

You are required to be civil and treat all KIIS participants and employees with dignity and respect. Harassment and/or discrimination of any kind will not be permitted or tolerated.

To Report an Emergency

If you want to report a crime, believe there is immediate danger, need confidential support, or in the event of an emergency, please contact Your KIIS Director or the KIIS Office.

Your KIIS Program DirectorOn-Site Director
John DizgunKIIS Executive Director   
Maria CanningKIIS Assistant Director   

To Report Sexual Misconduct or Sex Discrimination

Sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual/dating/domestic violence) and sex discrimination are violations of KIIS policies. Anyone experiencing sexual misconduct and/or sex discrimination may obtain confidential support from WKU Title IX Coordinator, Andrea Anderson, or Title IX Deputies, Joshua Hayes and Michael Crowe.

All KIIS employees must report information you have about alleged or possible sexual misconduct/assault involving student-to-student concerns, employee-to-student, employee-to-employee, student-to-employee, etc. to either Maria Canning, John Dizgun, Andrea Anderson, Joshua Hayes, or Michael Crowe within 24 hours of receiving such information.

Your KIIS Program DirectorOn-Site Director
Maria CanningKIIS Assistant Director   
John DizgunKIIS Executive Director   
Andrea AndersonWKU Title IX Coordinator   
Joshua HayesWKU Title IX Deputy   
Michael CroweWKU Title IX Deputy   

Everyone should be able to participate on a KIIS program, attend KIIS events, or work in a KIIS environment (e.g. KIIS office) without fear of sexual harassment or discrimination of any kind. Be respectful of each other.

Read the full Title IX/Clery Act Notification for more information.

Title IX/Clery Additional Resources

“The study abroad program to Greece made the learning of ancient Greece and Greeks more personal because I was witnessing the locations and artifacts that we were discussing which made it seem more real. We weren’t talking about events that happened in a far away land but were discussing events that happened on the very ground we were stepping on. To me, it just blew my mind and made me love every minute of my journey.”

– Amanda, Greece

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