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KIIS COVID-19 Stress-Free Refund Guarantee

KIIS continues to closely monitor the coronavirus situation around the world and here at home. The health and wellness of our students and faculty always will remain our highest priority. If ever the need arises for KIIS to cancel 2021 programs prior to departure, KIIS will refund students their program payments, including the $250 application deposit.

Steps to Complete Your KIIS Application

  • Create an Account in the KIIS Database

    Click here to access the KIIS database.

  • Complete Your Profile

    Enter your biographical and contact information.

  • Select Your KIIS Program

  • Complete Application Materials

    1. Course Selection(s)

    2. Application Essay (select only one question)

    3. Faculty Recommendation(s)

    4. Flight Selection (Individual Flight or Group Flight)

    5. Transcript (unofficial copy for undergraduate students, official undergraduate transcript for graduate students)

    6. Orientation Attendance

    Note: There may be additional program-specific documents to submit.

  • Pay $250 Application Deposit

  • Submit Scholarship Essay and Financial Aid Statement (Optional)

Early Application/Acceptance Deadline (Save $100)

To be admitted early to your KIIS program and receive the $100 discount, all application items must be completed by the early application deadline.

Acceptance Notification

You will be notified approximately two weeks after regular or early application deadlines. Once accepted, you must complete your KIIS Admitted Student forms.

Special Considerations

You will submit two faculty recommendations for your program.

Essay Language Requirements:

  • France Spring Semester: French or English*
  • Germany Spring Semester: German
  • Spain Spring Semester: Spanish

* Note: You may write your essay in English if you are applying to the France semester program and are enrolling in 200 level language courses.

You are required to provide KIIS with your official undergraduate transcript for your application. You also must email Haley McTaggart to request Graduate credit before you submit your application.  

If you do not yet have a college GPA/transcript at the time of your KIIS application, you may submit a copy of your high school transcript. That said, once you have your first semester college transcript, you must upload a copy for your KIIS application. See Eligibility requirements.

If you have been out of college for a long period of time and are unable to obtain a copy of your undergraduate college transcript, you may be exempt from submitting your transcript for undergraduate course credit. However if you are seeking graduate course credit on a KIIS program, you must provide an official copy of your undergraduate transcript. Contact Haley McTaggart with questions.

If you are no longer in contact with your former professors, you may request an employer to complete your recommendation form. If you are not currently working, you may request a former employer or someone else who can speak to your ability to study in an international setting to complete your recommendation form.

“Study abroad opens up opportunities of a lifetime to see other parts of the world, and some of us find our life’s passion in the middle of an ancient ruin.”

-Shallae, Barcelona

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