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Flights & Passports


You must have at least 6 months of validity on your passport book beyond the dates of travel, including any independent travel after your KIIS program.

Visit U.S. Passports & International Travel to apply for or renew your US passport book and to check passport processing information.
You must have a passport book to participate on KIIS programs. Passport cards are not valid for international air travel.

Note: Due to U.S. passport operations taking longer than usual, especially ahead of busy travel times, please plan ahead accordingly when applying for or renewing your passport. Check for the latest passport processing times HERE

First Time Passport Applicants

If applying for a passport book for the first time, an appointment is typically needed at a passport acceptance facility (e.g. post office, on-campus office, or other). It may take a few weeks to set up an appointment. You will need to show an original copy of your birth certificate when applying for your passport book.

Submitting Your Passport Information in Your KIIS Account

After acceptance to your KIIS program, you will upload a PDF copy of your passport photo page and enter the passport information from the photo page to your KIIS account.

If you are selecting the group flight option for your program, note the dates in the table below for when your passport information is required by KIIS. Airlines require the passport information for each person on a group flight.

Program TermDate to Submit Passport Info
SummerMarch 5
WinterOctober 15
Spring SemesterOctober 15

If you have any questions or concerns about meeting the passport dates above or have a passport delay, please contact Maria Canning.

You must have your passport book with you when you check in for your international flight.

In addition, you should take a copy of your passport book photo page with you in your carry-on luggage and leave a copy at home with a trusted relative or friend.


The majority of KIIS participants will not need a visa to travel abroad. That said, there are some cases where a visa may be required.

  • Visas may be required for non-US citizens traveling abroad to KIIS program sites.
  • KIIS Spain Spring Semester participants will need to apply for a student visa individually following their acceptance to the program.
  • KIIS Germany Spring Semester participants will complete paperwork for the University of Regensburg prior to departure and will apply for a visa after arriving at the university.
  • KIIS Tanzania and KIIS Zanzibar Winter participants apply for a visa upon arrival at the Tanzanian airport.
  • If staying abroad for over 90 days in any country/region, you typically require a visa.

Review the visa requirements for the country or region you wish to travel. 

The consular office typically will keep your passport for a few weeks while they process your visa, and then they will mail your passport book back to you with your visa pasted in your passport book.

Visas for Non-US Citizens

If you are a non-US citizen, you may require a visa to enter your KIIS program destination. Review the visa requirements for the countries you wish to travel and meet with your home campus international student office to determine what paperwork you need to complete before going abroad. Typically non-US citizens will need to update their I-20 documentation to return to the US.

If you require a visa, it is likely you will need to go in person to visit the Consulate or Embassy of your KIIS program country. Many consulates are located in Chicago, Atlanta or Washington D.C. (depending on your state residency).

If requested, the KIIS office will provide you with a letter to take to your consular interview to show proof of your KIIS program acceptance, dates abroad, courses, accommodations, fees you paid to KIIS to cover living and instructional expenses, and medical and evacuation insurance. Contact Maria Canning immediately upon your KIIS program acceptance notification to request this letter from KIIS.

International Air Travel Documents

You must have your passport book for international air travel. Also, plan to take a copy of any applicable travel documents in your carry-on luggage:

  • Passport photo page copy
  • Visa page copy
  • University I-20 documentation
  • Any other pertinent government travel documents

Leave a copy of the above documents as well as a copy of your credit card and bank card at home with a trusted relative or friend.

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