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Funding My Greece Journey

Written by: Kyndra Howard

The Gilman scholarship will have a huge impact on my education and professional life upon returning from the KIIS Greece Summer Study Abroad Program. More importantly, it has impacted my self-worth by showing me that I can achieve monumental things with proper support, dedication, and determination. Before applying, I was discouraged by others because of the difficulty in receiving a Gilman Scholarship for the Greece program. But I did it, and I am proud of myself. I was raised by a single-father unable to read or write, so not only is this an amazing feat for me personally to be awarded a scholarship like this, it has also resonated through my family.

The Gilman application process was rough, but I had a great amount of help. I wrote about three drafts of each of the two essays, and Professor Kathleen Quinn from my university looked over each copy and offered me advice in revising them. If it had not been for her, or all of the amazing women in the Study Abroad Office at my university, I do not think my success would have been possible.

For my service project I will be visiting TRiO Student Support Service’s UNV 101 course to educate first-generation, low income students about study abroad, the Gilman Scholarship, KIIS, and how to make studying abroad possible. As a member of TRiO Student Support Services this is very dear to me to assist my fellow first-generation students. I want to not only extend my help to these students for study abroad, but for every aspect of college, because I understand how difficult it really is to be a first-generation, low income student with no direction.

I look most forward to visiting all of the historical sites that are tied to Greek Mythology. Ever since I was fourteen I have been entranced by the Greek Myths, so to be able to visit where the legends once lived is a dream I’ve carried with me throughout the years.

I selected KIIS not only because they offered the courses, program length, and country I desired, but also because it is a trusted Kentucky program.

I would also like to congratulate all other recipients of the Gilman Scholarship and wish them safe travels!

About the Gilman Scholarship

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is a grant program that provides students who have limited financial means the chance to study or intern abroad. To apply for the Gilman, you must be currently receiving the Federal Pell Grant. For other eligibility requirements, visit the Gilman Scholarship website. To learn about additional study abroad scholarships, visit the KIIS Scholarship page.


Kyndra Howard

KIIS Greece
Northern Kentucky University

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