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Flights & Passports

You have two flight options, and you will need to select one of the options below when completing your KIIS account.

Carefully read the information given below for each option before making your flight selection as you cannot change your flight selection after the application deadline.

If you select the Independent Flight:

  • If accepted early to your KIIS program, do not purchase your own airfare until you receive emailed instructions from KIIS.
  • To take advantage of KIIS in-country group ground transportation to the program site, you must arrive at the host country airport at or before the group flight arrival time. Similarly, your return flight home must depart at or after the group flight departure time.
  • KIIS strongly discourages standby flights. In the event you opt to take a standby flight, you are advised to do so at least 3 days before the program departure. If you fail to arrive at the KIIS program site within two days of the group arrival, you may not be allowed to participate in the program and will not receive a refund of your program fees.

Since KIIS cannot state with certainty the price of the group flight so far in advance, each individual program page lists an estimated price range for the group flight. This estimate will also appear in your KIIS application under the Charges & Payment section.

If you select the Group Flight:

  • You cannot deviate from the group flight itinerary, either by group flight dates or by departure airport. A group flight departs and returns to the same US airport.
  • Group flight dates must match the advertised KIIS program dates and cannot be changed. 
  • If you are applying to two KIIS programs or have a desire to travel in the host country or region before or after your KIIS program, you must select Independent Flight (Option 1).
  • KIIS needs to match the name in your passport with your name on the flight ticket.
  • Make sure the name you enter for your KIIS profile and passport details in your application is the exact same name that will appear on your passport.
  • View the individual KIIS program page for any program-specific Group Flight and departure city instructions.

Although KIIS tries to foresee all possible expenses in formulating flight fees, please note that airline fuel surcharges may affect the total cost of your group flight ticket price.

Flight Cancellation Insurance

  • KIIS does not provide flight cancellation insurance or trip cancellation insurance (e.g. should you need to cancel your participation in the program prior to departure or leave the program prematurely while abroad). You may wish to purchase your own trip cancellation insurance.
  • To learn more about the comprehensive medical insurance coverage and travel benefits that KIIS provides, visit our KIIS Insurance page.

Passports & Visas

  • You are required to obtain a passport with at least 6 months validity beyond your travel dates.
  • Some participants may need a visa as well.

Visit our Passports & Visas page to learn more about these important travel documents.

“This experience taught me more than just Spanish. I didn’t want to go on this trip for a lot of reasons: money was tight, I didn’t speak the language well, I had never travelled, and I’m not always very good at making friends. But I received more than enough help from scholarships, I’ve mastered traveling alone, I learned more Spanish in one month than I have in my entire life, and I don’t even know where to begin to talk about the friends I made.”

-Katelynn, Merida Mexico

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