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Reimbursement Eligibility

KIIS reimbursement money is available to recruit students and/or faculty exclusively for KIIS study abroad programs for each academic year (July 1 – June 30).

The amount allotted from the KIIS Promotional money is at the KIIS Campus Representative and KIIS Program Directors discretion.

  • On-campus student and/or faculty events, informational sessions, game nights, etc. Events may include refreshments
  • Campus advertisements about KIIS study abroad programs
  • Printing KIIS promotional materials for KIIS faculty, Program Directors or Education/ Study Abroad staff (Campus Reps) 
  • KIIS promotional items for your campus (i.e. KIIS banner)

All items must be KIIS exclusive recruitment activities (informational sessions, advertisements or printing).

Items or events costing more than $200 MUST receive prior approval from Rebekah Golla in order to be reimbursed.

  • Any expenses related to your university’s annual study abroad fair (i.e. general ads for the fair, food, etc.)
  • Meals off-campus
  • Replacement ink cartridge/office equipment
  • Travel
  • Other expenses not exclusively related to KIIS student and/or faculty recruitment activities.

Contacts to Request Promotional Money

  • University of Kentucky-KIIS Faculty: Contact Rebekah Golla about funds prior to making any purchases.

Reimbursement Steps

Campus Representatives & KIIS Programs Directors:

  • Record Your Expenses

    Use the KIIS Reimbursement Form to record expenditures for one semester or one academic year.

  • Gather Required Reimbursement Documents

    1.  Itemized Original Receipts
    2.  Participant Attendance Sheet
    3.  Additional Items: name(s) of any prize winners; copies of any posters, emails, or advertisements; photos of any signage

  • Tell KIIS Where to Send Your Check

    Designate on the form who to make the check payable to and which address to send the check.

  • Send Receipts & Forms to KIIS

    Email or mail the required reimbursement documents to KIIS Accountant, Qing She, by January 5 and/or June 5.

Distribution of Funds

  • Faculty

    Give your receipts and documentation to your university KIIS Campus Representative who will submit everything at one time to KIIS.

    University of Kentucky-KIIS Faculty: Contact Rebekah Golla.

  • Campus Representatives

    Gather your office reimbursement receipts, supporting documents and submission form along with your KIIS-campus faculty documents and submit them together to KIIS.

  • Program Directors

    You may elect to be reimbursed directly from KIIS or you may discuss submitting your receipts, supporting documents and submission form to the KIIS Campus Representative.

“Teaching abroad is a wonderful and rewarding experience for both faculty and students. One of my favorite things about KIIS is witnessing the friendship building between the students from different colleges. A KIIS trip is life changing for students, and they create life-long friendships during their amazing educational experiences abroad.”

– Lee Ann Paynter, University of Kentucky Digital Photography Professor, KIIS Paris I Faculty

Teach Abroad with KIIS

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