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  • Travel Companions (spouse, children, a family member, a friend, etc.) may accompany KIIS Program Directors and Faculty only if program logistics permit.
  • Contact your KIIS Program Director if you wish to have Travel Companions join you on your KIIS program. You must have approval before proceeding with your Companion travel plans.
  • Travel Companions are responsible for all of their own related costs and reservations, including airfare, accommodations, meals, transportation, entrance fees, child care, health insurance, etc.
  • Travel Companions should not impair the operation and administration of academic and/or group activities associated with the program or otherwise infringe on the program participants.

Minor Children

  • Unless you are accompanied by another adult companion who will be providing child care, you must arrange on-site child care for the duration of your KIIS program.
  • Hiring KIIS participants for child care purposes during the program is not permitted.
  • You are responsible for all child care costs.
  • Minor children should not disrupt or alter the KIIS program in any way.

Companion Agreement and Release Form

  • All Travel Companions present on a KIIS program are required to follow Title IX / Clery Policies as well as KIIS policies and guidelines as set forth in KIIS written materials, at the KIIS Faculty and Student Orientations, and by your KIIS Program Director or KIIS Executive Director, Dr. John Dizgun.
  • Travel Companions, age eighteen and older, are required to sign a KIIS Travel Companion Policy prior to departure; in the case of children under eighteen, the child (if possible) and the faculty-parent are required to sign the KIIS Travel Companion Policy Form.
  • The KIIS Travel Companion Agreement and Release form will be emailed to all accepted faculty. Complete this form for any Travel Companions and return it to Maria Canning.

Medical Insurance

KIIS requires all Travel Companions be covered under the same KIIS-CISI Insurance as KIIS Faculty, Program Directors and students for the overall safety and security of all concerned (e.g. if a security evacuation were ever required abroad, we want to ensure your Travel Companions are evacuated with the KIIS group).

KIIS will purchase the CISI Insurance for all Faculty, Program Directors and students participating on KIIS programs.

Your Travel Companions are required to purchase the KIIS-CISI medical insurance coverage directly from CISI prior to program departure.

  • The charge for Travel Companions is approximately $35 per person per week or $200 per month per person.
  • Travel Companion CISI insurance must cover the duration of time spent with the KIIS program only. 
  • The KIIS-CISI Dependent Insurance Enrollment Form will be emailed to all accepted faculty. Complete the Enrollment Form for any Travel Companions and return it directly to CISI.

KIIS does not receive any financial benefit or otherwise, related to the insurance transaction; our motivation is greater safety and security.

Passports & Visas

You and your Travel Companions must have a passport to travel abroad. Your passports should have at least 6 months of validity beyond the dates of travel, including any independent travel after your KIIS program.

Travel Companions are advised to determine if they require a visa for the country or region they wish to travel.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

Travel Companions are encouraged to enroll in the Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) prior to departure.

KIIS will enroll KIIS Faculty, Program Directors and student participants in STEP.

“Going abroad with students is the best part of my job! Students who go abroad are forever changed, both personally and professionally. They grow in so many ways, developing a skill for flexibility and cultural sensitivity that sets them apart from their peers. Finally, many of them gain language proficiency that cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom, opening doors to new career opportunities.”

– Laura Hunt, Georgetown College Spanish Professor, KIIS Maya Mexico Winter faculty

Teach Abroad With KIIS

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