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Flight Selection Date

Two international flight options are available. You do not need to decide on flight preference at the time of application. KIIS will ask you to make your flight selection a few months prior to the start of your program.

Once you have consulted with your KIIS Program Director, complete the Flight Option in your KIIS account selecting one of the options listed below.

If you elect to purchase your own round trip airfare, KIIS will reimburse you for the cost of your airline ticket up to the amount of the group flight. Login to your KIIS account to submit your airfare reimbursement documentation.

We advise you not to purchase your own airfare until you receive instructions from your KIIS Program Director

You need to arrive at your KIIS program site at/before the group arrival and must not depart until after the program conclusion. View your individual KIIS program page for any program-specific Group Flight instructions.

If you elect to be on the group flight, KIIS will purchase your roundtrip airfare for you. KIIS group flights depart from Cincinnati or Louisville.

If you select the Group Flight:

  • You must fly both ways with the group flight.
  • You cannot deviate from the group flight itinerary, either by group flight dates or by departure airport.
  • KIIS needs to match the name in your passport with your name on your flight ticket.

U.S. Airport Lodging & Meal Reimbursement

You may be reimbursed up to a maximum of $150/person (or per vehicle) towards mileage or a car rental to/from your home and the U.S. airport for your international flight. Login to your KIIS account to review the Travel Reimbursement instructions and to submit your mileage or car rental and airport parking reimbursement documentation.

Passports & Visas

You must have a passport to travel abroad. Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity beyond your dates of travel, including any independent travel after your KIIS program.

Upload a PDF copy of your passport photo page to your KIIS account by

  • Summer Programs

    January 31

  • Winter Programs

    August 31

Travel Companions

If you have an approved Travel Companion flying with you to your KIIS program site, you must purchase your Travel Companion airfare independently. KIIS cannot purchase Companion airfare.

Visit our Travel Companion page for more information on companion responsibilities.

“As a faculty member, the chance to journey through familiar coursework in an unfamiliar location gives the material and the learning process a sense of aliveness that stimulates the mind, helps one’s research and creates endless curiosity.”

– Doreen Maloney, University of Kentucky New Media Professor, KIIS Berlin Director

Teach Abroad With KIIS

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