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Faculty Applicants

Prior to beginning your KIIS application, meet with your Department Head/Supervisor and your KIIS Campus Representative to discuss your plans to teach abroad. 

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    First-Time KIIS Faculty

    Create an Account in the KIIS database.

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    Veteran KIIS Faculty

    Use your previous KIIS database username (email address) and password to login. Please do NOT create a new account. For database assistance, contact Haley McTaggart.

KIIS Database Application

  • Complete Your Faculty Profile

    Enter your biographical and contact information.

  • Select Your KIIS Program, Term and Year

  • Complete Faculty Application Materials

    • CV (PDF)
    • Faculty Supervisor Information: Supervisors are asked to submit their input 10 days or less after the Faculty Application Deadline.
    • PART 1: Teach Abroad Experience & Recruitment Plans
    • PART 2: Proposed Courses
    • PART 3: Additional Programs: Complete if you wish to indicate interest in multiple KIIS programs for a specific term.


  • Only create ONE application in a given term. Part 3 of your application enables you to indicate interest in a second or third KIIS program.
  • If you selected the wrong KIIS program, contact Haley McTaggart, and she will change your program selection in the KIIS database.

Acceptance Notification

You will be notified of your status 1-2 months after the Application Deadline. Once accepted, you must complete your Admitted Faculty Forms.

  • Summer Faculty

    Deadline: March 1; Faculty are notified in late April – early May

  • Winter Faculty

    Deadline: October 15; Faculty are notified in mid-November.

“Each time I take my students to Berlin, I discover anew what it means to study abroad. If I can make us hungry for all there is to experience, I’ve done my job. Berlin, to me, is about becoming a curious thinker and incurable explorer.”

– Sylvia Henneberg, Morehead English Professor, KIIS Berlin Director

Teach Abroad With KIIS

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