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KIIS Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS). We are a faculty-driven organization dedicated to providing exceptional— and affordable— international education programs for students from diverse backgrounds. Each year, approximately 600 students and 80 faculty participate on KIIS programs.

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    Application Description

    A senior university administrator should send an official request on your university letterhead to KIIS Executive Director, Dr. John Dizgun. The letter should explain why your university desires to become a KIIS Member Institution and provide information about your university and student body.

    • University Mission
    • How KIIS fits into the University’s Strategic Goals
    • University study abroad participation history and future goals
    • Faculty interest in international education
    • Student body stats (enrollment, academic disciplines seeking study abroad opportunities, etc.)
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    Review Process

    Once Dr. Dizgun and the KIIS Steering Committee has reviewed your application letter to determine if your university is a good fit for the KIIS Member Institution, a representative from your university would be invited to attend a KIIS Board meeting to share in person your university’s desire to join. The Board meets twice a year, in April and September. The Board then will vote on acceptance.

  • Contact

    To obtain a letter on KIIS letterhead about KIIS which you can share with your university prior to your application submission, contact KIIS Executive Director, Dr. John Dizgun (270-745-2256).

  • A broad selection of high-quality and affordable study abroad programs for students.
  • Each year, KIIS awards over $75,000 in student scholarships.
  • Faculty from Full-Member Institutions may apply to teach on KIIS programs.
  • Faculty are indemnified against liability.
  • Medical insurance and security evacuation for all student and faculty participants.
  • The knowledge, support and experience of the KIIS office.

A university/college may join KIIS for $3,000 per year.  The annual $3,000 membership fee is largely returned to each Member Institution in the following way:

Students at full-member institutions are eligible for all KIIS scholarships (Dr. Meg & Barry Brown Summer Scholarship, Joseph C. Hess Memorial Scholarship, Program Scholarships, Apply Early & Save $100 Discount). Faculty at full-member institutions are eligible to teach on KIIS Summer and Winter programs.

KIIS Member Institutions

The Kentucky Institute for International Studies, Inc. (KIIS) is a nonprofit, faculty-led study abroad consortium of 20+ colleges and universities.  KIIS is incorporated as a nonprofit corporation and is tax-exempt.  Western Kentucky University (WKU) serves as KIIS’s Sponsoring Institution.  KIIS is housed on the campus of WKU in Bowling Green, KY.

“Writer Anne Dillard says, “Unless I call my attention to what passes before my eyes, I simply won’t see it.” Much education forces on students undigested bits of information.  Study abroad, by contrast, opens your mind to ideas in the contexts in which they originated.  Ideas-in-places have long lasting effects.”

– Paul Ranieri, Ball State University English Professor, KIIS Greece Faculty

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