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Teaching with KIIS

KIIS operates 30+ Summer, Winter and Semester programs and offers 175+ courses each year.

  • You may apply to teach on Summer and Winter programs.
  • No foreign language needed.
  • The majority of KIIS Summer and Winter courses are taught in English.
  • KIIS courses vary from year to year depending on the faculty who apply.
  • You are not required to have previously traveled to your desired KIIS program location(s).

To research KIIS programs or courses:

Programs by Academic Disciplines

  • KIIS courses change from year to year and most are taught in English.
  • You may propose a course previously taught on a KIIS program or a new course.
  • Faculty teach two courses concurrently on KIIS Summer programs; on two-week Summer and Winter programs, Faculty teach one course.
  • Use the table below as a general guide only. If you do not see your discipline next to your desired program, you may still opt to apply to the program. 
  • To discuss which KIIS program(s) would be a good fit, contact John Dizgun or Maria Canning.
  • You also may reach out to the KIIS Program Director with any program-specific questions.




Berlin / Italy / Netherlands / Paris I / Italy Winter

AFAM studies

Costa Rica / Merida Mexico / Paris I


Costa Rica / Ecuador

Anthropology & Archaeology

Costa Rica / Greece / most Winter programs

Arabic & Arab Studies



Barcelona / Italy / Japan-Korea / Morocco / Paris I / Prague / Italy Winter

Art - Drawing

Berlin / Italy / Morocco / Paris I / Japan-Korea / Italy Winter

Art History

Barcelona / Italy / Paris I / Morocco / Italy Winter

Asian Studies

Japan / Japan-Korea / Taiwan

Art - Graphic Design

Argentina / Berlin / Japan-Korea / Netherlands / Prague / Italy Winter


Costa Rica / Ecuador (Biology-focused program) / Paris I


Argentina / Austria / Japan-Korea / Maya Mexico Winter / Taiwan


Austria / Berlin / Paris I / Italy Winter /


Greece / Greece Winter


Argentina / Barcelona / Berlin / Italy / Paris I / Slavic Europe / Italy Winter

Criminology/ Criminal Justice

Argentina / Austria / Berlin / Paris I / Slavic Europe / Italy Winter

Cuisine & Culture

Argentina / Italy / Japan-Korea / Morocco / Paris I / Paris-Munich Winter


Argentina / Austria / Japan-Korea / Slavic Europe / Maya Mexico Winter / Taiwan


Austria / Costa Rica / Italy / Paris I / Slavic Europe / Italy Winter


Austria / Berlin / Paris I / Italy Winter


Greece / Italy / Paris I / Paris-Munich Winter

Environmental Studies

Costa Rica / Ecuador / Zanzibar Winter

Exercise Science & Kinesiology

Austria / Costa Rica / Paris I / Zanzibar Winter

Fashion & Merchandising

Barcelona / Berlin / Italy / Japan-Korea / Netherlands / Paris I / Italy Winter


Paris II


Argentina / Barcelona / Italy / Morocco / Prague / Winter programs




Argentina / Austria / Berlin / Morocco / Paris I / Slavic Europe / Italy Winter / Maya Mexico Winter


Italy / Prague / Maya Mexico Winter is an honors program

Hospitality Management

Argentina / Barcelona / Italy / Paris I


Argentina / Barcelona / Berlin / Netherlands / Prague / Italy Winter / Maya Mexico Winter

Leadership Studies

Austria / Costa Rica / Prague / Slavic Europe / Italy Winter

Legal Studies

Argentina / Austria / Slavic Europe


Austria / Berlin / Paris I / Italy Winter

Music -
Vocal & Instrumental

Salzburg (all-Music program)

Music -

Argentina / Barcelona / Italy / Japan / Morocco / Paris I / Italy Winter


Merida Mexico / Tanzania (all Health-centered program)


Argentina / Barcelona / Italy / Japan-Korea / Morocco / Netherlands / Paris I / Prague / most Winter programs

Political Science

Barcelona / Berlin / Japan-Korea / Prague / Slavic Europe


Ecuador / Tanzania / Zanzibar Winter


Argentina / Austria / Italy / Paris I / most Winter programs

Public Health

Austria / Costa Rica / Paris I / Tanzania (all Health-centered program) / Zanzibar Winter (Health-focused program)

Religious Studies

Greece / Japan-Korea / Morocco / most Winter programs


Costa Rica / Tanzania

Social Work

Paris I / Tanzania / Zanzibar Winter


Barcelona / Costa Rica / Japan-Korea / Paris I / most Winter programs


Costa Rica / Mexico & the Caribbean / Spain II / Spain II


Austria / Berlin

Urban Planning

Barcelona / Italy Winter

Women & Gender Studies

Argentina / Berlin / Japan-Korea / Paris I / most Winter programs

Language of Instruction

  • Some KIIS programs offer language course options.

Language faculty may apply to the following KIIS Summer programs:

LanguageKIIS Program
FrenchParis II*
SpanishCosta Rica, Merida, Mexico, Spain I*, Spain II*, and Maya Mexico Winter

*Indicates it is a language-only program
Please review specific programs to determine desired language levels.

Other Considerations

If you have an allergy, we recommend you choose a program that best accommodates your needs. For example, if you have a Gluten allergy and/or need to cook your own food, some KIIS accommodations offer cooking facilities. Please contact Maria Canning to discuss programs best suited to your needs.

If you have a disability accommodation need, we recommend you contact your KIIS Campus Representative early in your program selection process so that s/he has time to discuss any specific needs, including which KIIS programs may be best suited. Immediately after acceptance on a KIIS program, please contact KIIS Assistant Director, Maria Canning to discuss your disability accommodation needs (e.g. housing, transportation, excursions, class schedule, etc.).

For more information, visit our Disability Accommodations page.

Each KIIS program is unique. Some programs remain in one city for the duration of the program and provide weekends for independent travel while others travel throughout a country or region as a group. All KIIS programs include group and/or individual class excursions.

On most KIIS programs, you will reside in a hotel or university-style housing. On some KIIS programs — Austria, Costa Rica, Merida Mexico, Munich, Spain May– faculty stay with a host family.

You are encouraged to review your desired KIIS program itinerary and accommodations to familiarize yourself with the program details.

Visit our Travel Companions page for more information about accompanying family members.

Teaching abroad may be more physically strenuous than you are accustomed to at home. Most KIIS program involve walking 5+ miles in a given day. Other factors to consider are heat and humidity, higher altitudes, uneven terrain, etc.

For more details, visit our Health & Wellness page.

“Those of us who teach about peoples of other times and places have an invaluable opportunity in KIIS, where we can introduce students to the cultural and historical background of an event or site in the morning, put interpretive tools in their hands over lunch, and then spend the afternoon exploring the legacies of that event or site on the ground in real time, right where history happened. In the United States, I teach about premodern Japan. Through KIIS, I teach with premodern Japan.”

– Jeff Richey, Berea College, KIIS Japan Faculty

Teach Abroad With KIIS

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