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Many students utilize financial aid to study on KIIS programs.

What Do You Need to Do?

Schedule an appointment with your Financial Aid office and KIIS Campus Representative at your home institution to learn about your financial aid options. We recommended you do this several months in advance of your KIIS application deadline to secure possible aid.

Types of Financial Aid

There are several types of financial aid that can be applied to KIIS programs:

Promissory Note

If your financial aid or scholarship will be released after the KIIS final payment deadline, you must submit a KIIS Promissory Note, completed by your Financial Aid office, to kiis@wku.edu.

The Promissory Note is not accepted for your first program payment. For more information about the promissory note, visit our Payment Info page.

“KIIS was such a special experience that I will never forget. Over the four weeks, I got to visit the most extraordinary places and create bonds with new people overseas. I learned more than I ever imagined about the places we visited and also about myself as an individual.”

-Maggie, Italy

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