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Follow Instructions in KIIS Acceptance Email

Carefully read your acceptance email and review the Deadlines page.

Complete Home Campus Application Paperwork

If you have not already done so, contact your KIIS Campus Representative to complete any home campus study abroad applications.

You are bound by the KIIS Refund Policy should you not complete your home institution’s required study abroad documentation.

Complete KIIS Admitted Student Forms

To access these forms, log into your KIIS account.

  1. WKU Admissions Verification: All non-WKU KIIS students are required to apply to WKU to receive course credit abroad.
  2. Medical History and Disability Accommodation : KIIS may require additional information based on Medical History form responses.
  3. Agreement and Assumption of Risk
  4. Program Contact
  5. Passport Details: If you have not yet applied for your passport, visit Passports & Visas for instructions

Some KIIS programs may require additional forms.

Schedule Health Appointments (As Necessary)

Meet with Medical/Mental Health professionals as needed to secure medications, vaccinations or advice prior to your program departure.

For more information, visit Health & Wellness Abroad.

Pay KIIS Program Fees

Visit Payment Deadlines page.

Flight Tickets

Individual Flight (Option 1): Check your email for the date you can purchase your individual flight ticket, and then upload your individual flight itinerary in your KIIS account.

Group Flight (Option 2): Your flight charges will be added to your payment details.

Attend KIIS Mandatory Orientation

All KIIS students are required to attend a KIIS pre-departure orientation.

Research Your KIIS Destination(s)

Review your program itinerary to learn about the places you will visit abroad and then use books or internet searches to delve deeper on sites of interest.

Explore information on other cities/countries you wish to visit while abroad.


Notify your bank and credit card companies about your travel plans so that your account is not frozen while abroad.

If you have any questions, please contact KIIS at 270-745-4416 or kiis@wku.edu.

Semester Students

Semester Students may wish to set up a temporary Power of Attorney (typically a parent, spouse or emergency contact person) prior to departure. The POA then can act on the students’ behalf to handle financial matters (pay bills, deposit checks) while the student is out of the country.

“This trip has afforded me some great opportunities to immerse myself in various European cultures. The independent travel weekends have given me great chances to explore Europe as a whole! I wish it didn’t have to end!”

-Conrad, Austria

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