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Since its formation in 1975, KIIS has placed the highest priority on the health, safety, and security of all its participants. The KIIS office and each Program Director are trained and experienced in student orientation, risk assessment and crisis management.

KIIS provides full logistical support to you in the event of an emergency. After accepted into the program, your KIIS Program Director will provide you with a list of in-country emergency numbers as well as your KIIS Medical Insurance card.

KIIS recommends that at least one family member hold a valid passport in the event that he/she deems it necessary to make an emergency trip abroad.

In case of emergency, contact:

John Dizgun (Executive Director)



Maria Canning (Assistant Director)



“I would say that even if you’re slightly interested in studying abroad you should definitely go speak to a study abroad counselor to obtain more information. Your preconceived ideas might be wrong so it will definitely help you to receive information about a program you are interested in!”

-Rachael, Italy Winter

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