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Kairuki Hospital

One of the leading private and teaching hospitals in the country. Students will be involved in nursing, community health, hospital services and social work rotations to learn and work side by side with practitioners, instructors, and technicians within the hospital.…

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Tanzania Youth Alliance (TAYOA) engages both clinical and non-clinical individuals in programs aimed at reaching the youth in schools and communities for education on HIV control and prevention. Practicum involves school outreach activities and site education on HIV.

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Sinza Hospital

Sinza Hospital is classified as a district hospital within the structure of the Tanzanian health system. It is designed to offer inpatient and outpatient services to a large volume of people from diverse social backgrounds. Women’s health, labor & delivery,…

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WAMATA is one of the leading HIV care and support agencies in Tanzania. You will learn about HIV while engaged in clinical and administrative internships. It includes patient-student interactions, US-Tanzania student interactions, outreach activities and home health care.

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