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“Through this study abroad program, I gained a new perspective of Tanzania: it’s beauty, it’s people, it’s way of life. While helping in hospitals and visiting orphanages, we got to experience the need firsthand, while hopefully bringing some joy along the way. The interactions that I had with the hospital staff, the patients, the kids, the locals, and the other students are so special to me, for they are what made this trip so spectacular.”

– Lora, Tanzania

“When our daughter expressed interest in traveling to Tanzania, we were somewhat concerned. It’s so far away, is it safe? Our concerns were quickly resolved as we gained information regarding the program success, stability and purpose. Our daughter has had a life-changing experience; the beauty of Africa, an amazing culture and the formation of lasting personal relationships. I recommend each student takes advantage of this opportunity!”

– James and Rona, parents of Tanzania and Zanzibar student

“Studying abroad in Tanzania and Zanzibar for our daughter Molly was an incredible adventure. Helping and learning in the nursing field allowed her to gain an immense amount of experience while also enhancing her compassion, empathy and respect for the field. Stepping out to new and different cultures is a great way to learn, share skills and allows students to become well-rounded. Getting to experience new parts of the world, creating lifelong friendships and the great staff at KIIS is an added bonus! We are so happy our daughter had this opportunity!”

– Alisa, parent of Tanzania & Zanzibar student

“Stepping out on faith to study abroad was something I was often nervous about because I knew I didn’t have the personal funds to pay for my study abroad program. I depended on highly competitive scholarships. With lots of help and dedication to construct a strong essay, I became a Gilman scholarship recipient. For that I am forever proud of myself, and grateful.”

– Jade, Tanzania

“Africa has given me a whole new perspective on life. It has allowed me to learn more about myself and fall in love with the Tanzanian culture and its people. It has given me a new love for nursing and reassured me why I chose to become a nurse in the first place.”

– Claire, Tanzania

“The KIIS Tanzania program was more than I ever imagined. It gave me the most meaningful relationships and experiences in such a short amount of time. If you want to study abroad, KIIS offers something for everyone; and it will be unforgettable!”

– Cierra, Tanzania

“I appreciate your involvement before they went – making parents like me feel comfortable and confident of her safety while gone.  I appreciate you communicating with us as she prepared to leave. In a world where we don’t always express appreciation, I just wanted to let you know you are appreciated!”

-Kim, parent of Tanzania student

“I spent 5 weeks with KIIS Tanzania working with 15 orphans under the age of 2. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary and I will forever be grateful that I chose to study abroad.”

– Andrea, Tanzania

“I selected this program specifically because I could take a hand-on practicum course. The learning will be hand-ons instead of the traditional lecture setting, which will be a nice change of pace. I have wanted to go to Africa since I was a kid because I always thought their culture was so unique.”

– Rachel, Tanzania

“I have learned how to provide culturally competent care, build relationships, and remain accepting of others from cultures vastly different from my own.”

– Heather, Tanzania

I have worked in a community pharmacy in Bowling Green [KY] for awhile now and was able to spend most of my practicum time in the pharmacy in Tanzania. The parallels between the two work environments were striking. I noticed that the atmosphere of real concern for the patients and the betterment of their health was exactly the same in both pharmacy settings across the world.”

Allison, Tanzania

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