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“During my time studing with KIIS in Segovia, Spain, every day was like waking up in a dream. Every day I was greeted by the sunrise and a warm breakfast from my Señora in my homestay before walking through the beautiful city of Segovia before starting class. I was fortunate enough to have a break between classes and the ability to take a coffee break with my friends at my favorite coffee shop. The experiences are ones that I am so glad to have. Not only did I strengthen my Spanish but I also made lifelong memories and connections.”

– Mikayla, Spain I

“My study abroad program through KIIS on Spain I was absolutely incredible. I learned so many lessons about not only traveling and planning, but also about myself. Going to a new country for a month and not being able to speak your native language is pretty wild, and it took some time getting used to speaking in Spanish often. Adjusting to a whole new schedule for eating, sleeping and school was not as easy as I predicted. However, the downsides to this trip pale in comparison to the positive experiences. I visited six different cities in Spain, ate foods I never expected to see on a plate, and formed genuine relationships with people from around the world. Study abroad may be a daunting concept for some, but I firmly believe that everyone should do it. You never know what you will learn, see and discover!”

– Amy, Spain I

“Staying with a host family really helped make my study abroad experience more enjoyable. My host mom showed me around town to help me get acquainted, told me about different events going on in town, introduced me to authentic cuisine, and took care of me like any mom would. Having her there throughout the trip helped calm my fears of living abroad and made it one of the most enjoyable experiences of my time in college.”

– Maegan, Spain I

“My favorite experience was getting lost in the Madrid airport after going to Italy for the long weekend. I was able to get around and ask questions without having to use my Spanish dictionary and it was one of the proudest moments.”

– Emily, Spain I

“The best part of my KIIS experience was being able to use the Spanish that I had learned in the classroom in real life hands on situations. The trip improved my confidence and skills in Spanish tremendously.”

– John, Spain I

“I had heard so many great stories about KIIS and started looking at the programs they had to offer. That is when I decided to go for it, and it was the best experience of my life. Spain has forever changed my life and opened up my eyes to the world. I became such an independent and confident person, and I am so grateful for the memories I made over the course of that month.”

– Vanessa, Spain I

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