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“As a lifelong musician, our daughter dreamed of going to Salzburg, Austria. Exploring the sights of the city like the birthplace of Mozart, the Sound of Music locales and the Belvedere Museum to see the work of Gustav Klimt and Egon Shiele has broadened her view of the world. Studying the history of the city and the history of the Hapsburgs has deepened her education in the field of Humanities. Our daughter has enjoyed the friendships she has made with the other students during her time with KIIS. This was a wonderful and meaningful experience for her!”

– Elizabeth and Chris, parents of KIIS Salzburg student

“KIIS gave me the opportunity to live and experience the culture of Salzburg, Austria and many more surrounding countries. The memories, adventures, and education I have received through this program is priceless and for that I can only express gratitude.”

– Stephanie, Salzburg

“Salzburg allowed me to study in a country where so many great composers were born, including Mozart, while earning credit towards my degree. Earning these hours allowed me to lighten my course work for the regular semester and gain experience to aid my future career.”

– Amber, Salzburg

“As cliché as it might be, studying abroad really changed my life (and helped me graduate early!) It was so worth it, and I wouldn’t trade the memories I have of Salzburg for anything!”

– Lisa, Salzburg

“The group of students I had the opportunity to travel with became a family. We did so many things together some of my favorite included: playing sand volleyball, exploring around Salzburg, getting gelato, and our Sound of Music Movie night, where I won best costume!”

– Eden, Salzburg

“I made incredible friends, traveled to several different countries, performed in a historic cathedral, and made memories that I will never forget all while learning things in a new perspective. Studying abroad had such a huge impact on who I am today.”

– Michaela, Salzburg

“The Salzburg study abroad program made me realize that there is a large variety of careers in the field of music, outside of the United States. The experience helped open my mind to new career options within my field of study.”

– Andrew, Salzburg

“So many amazing and influential musicians and composers have walked the city’s streets, and learning about that history while literally following their footsteps was incredible.”

– Joseph, Salzburg

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