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“Travel writing in Munich and Paris has been a dream! There is never a shortage of subjects to write about, as we strolled through Christmas markets, sampled pastries, or walked through the Musee D’Orsay. I love being able to share my experience with my followers and people back in the US, and travel blogging makes it easy!”

– Brooke, Paris-Munich Winter

“I was initially a bit nervous of going to a new country, but having done so, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It is one thing to see recognizable structures in pictures such as the Eiffel Tower or elaborately decorated cathedrals, but there is truly no substitution for seeing them in person.  Getting to immerse yourself in a new unfamiliar place is a big part of the college learning experience.  Go out there, explore!”

– John, Paris-Munich Winter

“Taking a class abroad with KIIS is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The experience was phenomenal. Students were eager to learn, explore and professors were amazing.”

– Ishimwe, Paris-Munich Winter

“Studying abroad in Paris and Munich, I found a wealth of great people (many of whom will remain lifelong friends), delicious foods, good times, and sights that simply cannot be reproduced with a camera. So I encourage you to get lost somewhere and see what adventures are waiting on you to be found. Bon voyage!”

– Jared, Paris-Munich Winter


“My experience in Paris and Munich were absolutely life changing! Emerging myself into the cultures taught me valuable lessons in adaptation and acceptance and of course it was a lot of fun doing so! I also made life long friends on my study abroad, definitely one of the best parts.”

–Sarah, Paris-Munich Winter

“I loved the option of getting to do a two week program because it allowed me to see two different cultures in a short amount of time, and made me realize that studying abroad for a longer term may be something I want to do as I continue my college career.”

– Emily, Paris-Munich Winter

“I choose this program because I had never been to Germany or to Paris. Also the program sounded interesting; when else could you have a class studying culture and food in another country.”

– Sarah, Paris-Munich Winter

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