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“I’m honored to be able to take students to Munich and Paris each year and watch them develop their sense of independence and their awareness and appreciation of other cultures. This winter program offers so many experiences in two amazing European cities over ten days! Students are able to learn academic content through active learning approaches that make extensive use of these unique sites.”

– Charlotte Rich, Eastern Kentucky University English Professor, KIIS Paris-Munich Winter Co-Director

“The best part about teaching abroad with KIIS is the opportunity to watch your students’ perspective grow and broaden firsthand. While we get to see this happen on our home campuses, of course, there’s nothing quite like seeing students step out into the unknown of another country, language, and culture and finding themselves on new but steady ground, with you as their guide.”

– Jeff Richey, Berea College Religion & Asian Studies Professor, KIIS Japan Faculty

“While I enjoy teaching about Latin America on campus at Marshall, my students learn far more about the region in their courses with me abroad. Beyond just reading about politics in a book, you actually get to see politics in action on the street and hear it from the voices of those directly involved.”

– Shawn Schulenberg, Marshall University Political Science Professor, KIIS Argentina Director

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to show students the incredible culture and life in Munich each summer. There is nothing better than seeing a student grow to love the country that has shaped my life so profoundly.”

– Bess Dawson, University of Kentucky German Professor, KIIS Munich Director

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