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“Visit Morocco. Embrace the dizzying chaos of the crowds. Stand in awe at the enormity of the dessert. Explore the gateway to Africa with openness and curiosity. You’ll find yourself enchanted by the architecture, overwhelmed by the medinas, humbled by Moroccan hospitality, and spellbound by an amazing country.”

– Anna, Morocco

“I made fast friend with many children who lived nearby. They would run up to me in the street for a quick game of ball and for piece of candy that even child within a 1/2 mile knew I carried and gave away freely. The kids knew me by name and greeted me as I walked to school.”

– Kara, Morocco


“If you want to experience culture, come to Morocco. You’ll get a taste of the whole world in just one country. The music, the art, the food, even the dialect are all eclectic and beautiful. Last week I saw a Moroccan band and they sang in eight different languages in one night! Also, simply living the language and the culture allows you to learn so much. It is truly an amazing experience.”

Sierra, Morocco

“The program offers a first-hand and unique experience and exposure to the linguistic, cultural, and ethnic diversity of Morocco. Morocco is an ideal context where students can immerse themselves into a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic Arab society, with a noticeable European influence.”

Dr. Abdelaadim Bidaoui, Director

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