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“This trip provided me with amazing opportunities to fully immerse myself in Mexican culture. It allowed me to not only take classes, but to live what I was learning every day, and I was able to learn so much more than I could have if I had stayed home. Every aspect of the program, from class trips to host families, allows you to really apply yourself and test your limits.”

– Abigail, Mexico Semester

“I think the most valuable aspect of my semester in Merida was living with my local Mamá and her two daughters. I felt like I was better able to integrate myself into daily life and understand complexities that you don’t get from being a tourist. Connecting with Dede, Gina, and André was one of the most valuable experience of my life. My favorite memories came from conversations and activities with them, like when I got to help make pastellitos and wedding cookies with Dede at the kitchen table!”

– Emma, Mexico Semester

“My time abroad in Mérida, Mexico changed my perception of the area to include a rich history, economic growth, and a unique culture. I recently returned to Mérida for spring break to see friends I made while abroad and experience one of my favorite cities once again. It felt like going home!”

– Blair, Mexico Semester

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