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“Bueno! Me llamo Emily. I traveled to Merida, Mexico and lived with a family for about 5-6 weeks while studying with KIIS. I absolutely enjoyed myself while on this program and learned so much about myself as well about Mayan culture and heritage. I cannot wait to go back one day with my family and friends to show them the beautiful state of Yucatan and the capital, Merida.”

– Emily, Merida Mexico

“The KIIS Mérida México program changed my life in that it helped me connect with people I wouldn’t have otherwise, further my language skills, and made me more internationally marketable in an ever-changing job market.”

– Cody, Merida Mexico

“Going in to this journey I had one goal: to gain more confidence in my Spanish speaking abilities. However, throughout my time in Mexico I not only achieved my goal but I gained so much more. Experiencing the culture, life style and building relationships with locals was priceless. This opportunity was once in a lifetime and I will cherish the memories forever.”

– Jessie, Merida Mexico

“For some people, traveling allows them to discover new places. While that is true for me, I also have found that traveling allows me to discover myself. Study abroad and let the world open your mind!”

– Lydia, Cuba

“I loved learning about the Mayan culture and how much architectural, cultural, and dialectic influence they have in this area of Mexico. Being able to climb Mayan pyramids and eat the same style dishes they still eat was probably my favorite. Also, it added to the cultural experience to live with my host mom because she only spoke Spanish so I was able to learn Spanish naturally as well as in the textbook.”

– Amber, Merida Mexico

“The people I met there in Merida will forever have a special place in my heart. I learned so much about them but also about myself. To truly be fluent in another language, you have to know the culture. You have to know what the words mean, not just how to translate them.”

Masi, Merida Mexico

“Through KIIS, I was able to experience Mexico’s culture, visit Mayan Pyramids, and become more fluent in Spanish; these memories and lessons are unforgettable. Besides learning the Spanish language, one of my favorite experiences were that of tasting all of these flavorful foods: sopa de Lima, cochinita pibil, queso relleno, and many more.”

– Andrew, Merida Mexico

“This experience taught me more than just Spanish. I didn’t want to go on this trip for a lot of reasons: money was tight, I didn’t speak the language well, I had never travelled, and I’m not always very good at making friends. But I received more than enough help from scholarships, I’ve mastered traveling alone, I learned more Spanish in one month than I have in my entire life, and I don’t even know where to begin to talk about the friends I made.”

-Katelynn, Merida Mexico

I’ve always had a love for the Mexican culture and I am so grateful I had this opportunity to immerse myself in it and learn new things that I wouldn’t be able to learn in a textbook. My host mom and roommate were by far some of the most amazing people ever, and I plan on remaining in contact with for the rest of my life. The amazing sights we were able to see and the food we were able to try were by far my favorite memories.”

– Haley, Merida Mexico

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