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“It’s like getting a crash course in thousands of years of history, while also getting up close and personal with culture and language. Anyone with a desire for learning can’t go wrong choosing the KIIS Japan program.”

– Nick, Japan

“Savor the moments abroad while they last because before you know it, it will be gone. Studying abroad is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to see and do things that you’ll never be able to do at home. Cherish the friendships that you make, and be as friendly and outgoing as possible to both leave a good impression and make the most of your experience. If you don’t try to make the most of the journey, why go in the first place? ”

– David, Japan

I am in love with this city and so blessed to call it home for a month.”

– Sunny, Japan

“The best part about KIIS is the friendships I’ve made. I’ve met very wonderful people and I’m happy we share such an amazing bond!”

– Marissa, Japan

“My time in Japan was unforgettable and life-changing. From the friendship that was created with my host family to the rich culture and firsthand language experience, my time in the KIIS program will have a lasting, positive impact on all of my future endeavors.”

– Holly, Japan

“Traveling to Japan was my first time out of the U.S. and it was one of the most exciting and memorable trips I’ll ever take. I made friends and memories for a lifetime.”

– Garrett, Japan

“I wanted to go to Japan because ever since middle school I was fascinated with their culture and country. I really loved Asian history as well as their anime culture.”

-Abby, Japan

“KIIS Japan was an amazing opportunity and I learned so much. The friendships I made on my trip are lasting ones, not just with the other members but also with the host families and people we met along the way. I wish I knew about this sooner because I would have loved to go on more of these study abroad programs!”

– Laura, Japan

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