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“The KIIS program gave me an opportunity like no other. Not only was the process easy, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and truly immerse myself in Italian culture. While abroad, my chemistry course allowed me to learn so much about the beautiful architecture and art in Italy as well as giving me everlasting friendships and memories I will hold close to my heart forever.”

– Walker, Italy Winter

“It was only 11 days, but it was an experience to last a lifetime. Italy has been my dream destination for as long as I can remember, and I finally got to see all the places I thought only existed in movies. The beauty of the country can’t even be properly described in words, and the pictures hardly do it justice. It was the best decision I’ve made yet”

– Megan, Italy Winter

“As I was getting ready to get on the plane to Paris and then Florence, Italy, I was nervous. I was the only person traveling from my home university besides my professor. I was fearful that I would have no friends or that people wouldn’t like me. I was wrong. I have so many new friends because of KIIS. The KIIS program encourages students to get out of their comfort zone and it helps students build relationships with others – all while traveling around Italy. I am beyond thankful for the KIIS program and the experiences that I have been lucky enough to have!”

– Alexandria, Italy Winter

“The KIIS Italy Winter study abroad program was the most incredible adventure and learning experience I have ever had in my lifetime thus far. Not only were the places amazing, but the friendships and bonds I made are unforgettable. I learned so much through observation and communication. The architecture and lively atmosphere were some of my favorite parts of Florence and Rome. I also felt much more in touch with my Catholic faith and artistic background visiting several basilicas and famous art galleries which was very inspiring. When what you see turns into where you go, you have endless discoveries awaiting.”

– Anna, Italy Winter

“Seeing places like the Colosseum and the Trevi in person are just so much better than the photos. Photos simply can’t do extraordinary places justice like they do in person. I think the favorite place we went to was Volterra. I loved the idea of being on a mountain top city – the views were absolutely breathtaking. Everything I saw in Italy was beautiful, and I am so glad that I was able to see it and experience the authentic Italian culture. I would go back anytime!”

– Nick, Italy Winter

Hanging at the pointe vechio

“Going into this program I didn’t know anyone else going, which was terrifying, but it turned out to be my best decision. It forced me to get out of my comfort zone and meet people that I ended up having so much in common. While there were so many amazing parts of this program, the people I was with made it the best part of my college experience.”

– Alex, Italy Winter

“My KIIS Winter Italy trip was amazing! I cannot believe how much I got to know this city in the two weeks I was there. My professor knew Italy well and used her knowledge and experiences to guide our stay in a way that could not of happened if I visited Italy on my own. I cannot describe how real and fascinating lectures are when they’re sitting in the pews of a beautiful basilica or over a cappuccino at a cafe a few blocks away from the Colosseum.”

– Caroline, Italy Winter

“I had the most wonderful time in Italy and I’m extremely grateful that I was chosen as a KIIS scholarship recipient!”

– Kaylee, Italy Winter

“Reigning in the New Year in Italy has been one of my favorite memories abroad. Celebrating with new friends and traditions was a unique experience.”

– Sarah, Italy Winter


“What would I tell a student? Do it. There’s nothing else to say. I was so nervous about not knowing anyone, but the people I met, I became close with in an instant. It will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.”

– Alexis, Italy Winter


“My favorite experience was climbing to the top of St. Peter’s Basilica. By the time I reached the top, the sun was setting over Rome and it was truly an awesome experience! Having such a great view of a wonderful city was amazing.”

– Rachel, Italy Winter


“If you are even thinking about studying abroad, do yourself a favor and sign up today. Wherever you decide to travel will be an unforgettable journey. You’ll learn in ways you never thought possible, and you will be filled with unique ideas and experiences that you could never gain by staying in one place your entire life.”

– Maria, Italy Winter

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