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“I decided to go back to Germany with the KIIS program a second time…I never regret making this decision. During these two semesters in Regensburg, Germany, I have changed a lot. These changes could not be described precisely or quantified, but they are irreversible reactions.”

– Sibei, Germany Spring Semester

“I loved my study abroad experience! I made friends that I hope I will always stay in contact with, and I learned valuable life skills that I couldn’t have learned any other way. Thank you, KIIS!”

– Alexis, Germany Spring Semester

“My experience abroad is something that I am still processing everyday now that I am home. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and even take a theater class specifically for international students.”

– Kaila, Germany Spring Semester

“The KIIS Regensburg program was a very enriching and worthwhile experience.  The intensive language course really helped the exchange students to get to know one another and ease into being totally immersed in another country.”

– Brittany, Germany Spring Semester

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