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“Teaching in Ecuador is a blast! On campus we can show pictures, and pull out lab specimens. But in Ecuador, we walk out the door and we are surrounded by tropical life. One would have to work very hard to not be awed by the lushness of the rain forest, the biological richness and ruggedness of the mountains, and the magical beauty of the Galapagos Islands!”

– Malcolm Frisbie, Eastern Kentucky University Biology Professor, KIIS Ecuador Faculty


“Each summer I look forward to the opportunity to introduce students to the language and culture of Austria, Southern Germany and Switzerland. The long and successful history of the KIIS Austria program ensures that students become immersed in the program setting, and our Austrian host families and support staff do a wonderful job of helping students feel at home and form lasting bonds abroad.”

– Jordan Gabbard, University of Louisville German Professor, KIIS Austria Program Director

“Going abroad with students is the best part of my job! Students who go abroad are forever changed, both personally and professionally. They grow in so many ways, developing a skill for flexibility and cultural sensitivity that sets them apart from their peers. Finally, many of them gain language proficiency that cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom, opening doors to new career opportunities.”

– Laura Hunt, Georgetown College Spanish Professor, KIIS Maya Mexico Winter Faculty

“My experience studying and teaching in the US has helped me learn how to handle challenges related to teaching and studying abroad. Morocco is an ideal context where students can immerse themselves into a multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic Arab society, with a noticeable European influence.”

– Abdelaadim Bidaoui, Ball State University Arabic Professor, KIIS Morocco Director

“We commonly visit places for 2-3 days at a time, but living in and exploring a new place for five weeks is a completely different experience. Students and teachers alike will end up feeling like they have a second home in the world.”

–  Mike D’Ambrosio, Murray State University Music Professor, KIIS Salzburg Faculty

“I LOVE teaching and learning in a culture outside the United States.  Tanzania especially provides a wonderful opportunity for students (and me) to evolve into people who understand the beauty and richness of our diverse world.  We also realize that different experiences provide powerful learning moments.”

– Paul Clark, University of Louisville Nursing Professor, KIIS Tanzania Faculty

“By studying abroad and living with a host family, they really get to experience the culture from the inside out. It’s more up-close and personal rather than just observing it from a distance, and the language and cultural learning that happens in the classroom can be applied and expanded every day in the streets, in the host families, on weekend trips, etc. so it’s much more vivid and meaningful.”

– Lisa Kuriscak, Ball State University Spanish Professor, KIIS Spain I & Spain II Faculty

“One of the greatest aspects of teaching abroad is the close connection one makes with the specific location. The classroom extends outside the walls and into the location and its surroundings, and on-site teaching adds an unmatched dimension to the lessons learned from students.”

– Michael Baker, University of Kentucky Music Professor, KIIS Salzburg Faculty

“I’m honored to be able to take students to Munich and Paris each year and watch them develop their sense of independence and their awareness and appreciation of other cultures. This winter program offers so many experiences in two amazing European cities over ten days! Students are able to learn academic content through active learning approaches that make extensive use of these unique sites.”

– Charlotte Rich, Eastern Kentucky University English Professor, KIIS Paris-Munich Winter Co-Director

“The best part about teaching abroad with KIIS is the opportunity to watch your students’ perspective grow and broaden firsthand. While we get to see this happen on our home campuses, of course, there’s nothing quite like seeing students step out into the unknown of another country, language, and culture and finding themselves on new but steady ground, with you as their guide.”

– Jeff Richey, Berea College Religion & Asian Studies Professor, KIIS Japan Faculty

“One of the greatest benefits of teaching abroad for me is the ability to connect with scholars in my field as we travel. In conversations over meals or exploring archaeological sites and museums, I have the opportunity to discuss current scholarship in classics, share ideas on teaching and learning, and revel in discipline-related humor–all of which help to inspire and reinvigorate me for teaching at my home campus.” 

– Kathleen M. Quinn, Northern Kentucky University Classics Professor, KIIS Greece & Italy Winter Faculty

“As a faculty member, the chance to journey through familiar coursework in an unfamiliar location gives the material and the learning process a sense of aliveness that stimulates the mind, helps one’s research and creates endless curiosity.”

– Doreen Maloney, University of Kentucky New Media & Video Professor, KIIS Berlin Faculty

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