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“Studying abroad was always a dream of mine and I’m so glad I committed to going. I got to travel and learn in Denmark and Iceland, which was a beautiful and unforgettable experience! If you’ve ever considered going abroad I definitely recommend going! I got to sail on a reconstructed Viking ship, learn about Viking archaeology and Scandinavian culture and history. It was absolutely a one of a kind experience!”

– Maya, Denmark

“Making the decision on participating on this KIIS program has to be the best decision I have ever made in my life. I felt so at home with the Danes and with my other trip members. I have never felt such a connection to a place, not even my own home. I cannot wait to go back to Denmark. For my first time out of the country, Denmark has given me some high standards and the travel bug.”

– Kaylee, Denmark

ʺThe program allowed me to have up close and hands on experience in a beautifully, historic Scandinavian country. My most memorable moments were when I visited Tivoli Gardens, sailed in a Viking ship, and met with Danish school administrators and students.ʺ

– Samantha, Denmark

“My experience in Denmark really influenced my perspective on being a global citizen. Being immersed in Danish culture while taking courses related to my major created the perfect summer experience.”

– Sonia, Denmark

“My KIIS experience was absolutely incredible, and I honestly believe that I learned more in my 3 & 1/2 weeks in Denmark than I have throughout my entire academic career.”

– Allison, Denmark

“Being a biology major I was able to actually go to places important scientist were born or even studied and worked at! I saw places where Bohr, Brahe, Einstein, and even Steno worked!”

– Chloe, Denmark

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