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“The highlights of my study abroad were living with my host family and visiting multiple countries. Living with my host family allowed me to live and eat the way they do. One of the things I made sure to do while abroad was try to taste everything I could in the way it was originally made. I asked my host family to make food or drinks the way they would make it for themselves because it helped me avoid diluting my experience with my comfort.”

– Ashvanika, Austria

“Studying abroad sounded scary at first, but I am so happy that I jumped in and went for it. I had the experience of a lifetime and made lifelong friends.””

– Skylar, Austria

“I never in a million years thought I would get to travel to Europe, let alone study and live there for 5 weeks as well as visit 7 countries. I am a single mom, it was difficult to leave my son behind for so long, but we Skyped every single day for the entirety of trip and I would tell him stories about the places I was visiting almost as if I was bringing him along with me. I will never forget this experience. ”

– Beth, Austria

“Eiscafé Pinocchio is an Italian, family run gelato shop in Bregenz, Austria. The café serves house made gelato, Italian coffee, and select cocktails. Located in the heart of Bregenz’ pedestrian zone, it is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. For my Graphic Design course, I presented my branding ideas to Pinocchio and worked on a hand lettering project which I turned into a Wanderlust Travel Book.”

– Kylar, Austria

“My time in Austria taught me to thrive outside my comfort zone and to find happiness right where I was while opening opportunities at home to further my education and better my employment.”

Tara, Austria

This trip has afforded me some great opportunities to immerse myself in various European cultures. The independent travel weekends have given me great chances to explore Europe as a whole! I wish it didn’t have to end!”

– Conrad, Austria

My study abroad experience in Austria was truly amazing. The courses were fun and challenging, keeping us busy while still allowing time to explore and develop friendships.

– Genna, Austria

“This will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life. The knowledge you gain, the experiences you have, and the friends you make will be more than worth the trip. Austria is the best country in Europe; it has the beauty of Switzerland, Germany, and Italy all in one all the while having German as its official language.”

– Nickolas, Austria

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