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Machu Picchu

Inca engineers cut off the entire top of a mountain to build this holiday retreat for their emperor, far away from the hustle and bustle of their Cuzco capital. At Machu Picchu’s highest elevation, we’ll see the Intiwatana, known in…

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Colonial Churches of Cusco

Gem-studded golden chalices, towering historic wooden crucifixes, Spanish religious painting traditions, ornate altars within enormous stone churches. These are some of the many colonial gems we will visit in Cusco. These visits offer students an opportunity to appreciate firsthand, the…

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Nazca Lines

The Monkey. The Hummingbird. The Condor. These are just a few of the amazing Nazca Lines, which we’ll FLY over!  From our small plane, we’ll be able to grasp why Nazca’s desert farmers took the time and effort to make…

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