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Somewhere Beyond the Sea: Segovia, Spain

Written by: Grace Callow

Berea College offers many unique opportunities, and while I have taken advantage of as many as possible during my time here, studying abroad was undoubtedly my favorite. I went to Segovia, Spain for 90 days, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and truly had a life changing experience.

I chose Spain because I’m double majoring in Spanish and Business Administration, so to improve my fluency, I needed to experience full cultural immersion. My program was based in Segovia, and my classmates and I took weekend trips together every other Friday to visit cities throughout Spain. I was fortunate to see Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca, Avila, Cordoba, Seville, Coca, and Cuellar. These excursions allowed me to see wondrous sites my eyes had never before beheld, learn about the history of those ancient places, and hear the distinct accents of each region.

I also took my own personal trip to Alicante, which was nerve-racking, yet momentous because I was forced to be self-sufficient, and use my Spanish to travel from west to east coast. I stopped and asked several people for help, which increased my confidence when I was able to understand and follow their directions.

Most of all, I enjoyed exploring my home city and building a life for myself. During my three months there, I made wonderful friends through playing and coaching volleyball, and in my church and Bible study group. After my studies, I would often take longs walks through the city to purposely try and get lost. In doing this, I saw what daily life was truly like in Segovia.

Studying abroad taught me a new level of patience, gave me an appreciation for independence, and made me more empathetic and tender towards others. My time in Spain was challenging, rewarding, and spiritually maturing.

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Grace Callow

Spain Semester
Berea College

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