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Distinguished Mentor & Teacher Award

Text gathered from: Georgetown College & Dr. Laura Hunt

Dr. Laura Hunt teaches Spanish at Georgetown college and teaches on the KIIS Maya Mexico Winter program. Recently she received Georgetown’s John Walker Manning Distinguished Mentor and Teacher Award. Below is an excerpt from Georgetown’s news website about her award followed by a quote from Dr. Hunt.

The John Walker Manning Distinguished Mentor and Teacher Award, which recognizes faculty who have shown a commitment to Georgetown College and to mentoring students through their academic coursework and their college career, as well as going above and beyond to better the Georgetown College community, was awarded to Dr. Laura Hunt, Professor of Spanish.

Speaking on the announcement of the award, Provost, Dr. Rosemary Allen said, “It’s not just an intellectual journey with her—her heart for cultural understanding can be seen in the service learning projects she leads in our own community. Her students’ love for her is in return for the love she shows for them—love that inspired her drive for hours this past spring in the middle of a pandemic to leave a cake on the front porch of every Spanish major within a 2-hour radius in preparation for a graduation party together via Zoom.”

Dr. Allen went on to say, “That sort of joy in doing for others is evident in everything she does, from teaching fellow faculty how to manage online courses to showing her students how much fun it is to learn a language, to being a ringleader of the Faculty Fan Club, to having endless patience and compassion for every student and every colleague she encounters.”

Dr. Hunt shared, “I was honored to receive the John Walker Manning Award. I am so lucky to have a job I love, and to get to work with and learn from incredible colleagues and students every single day. There is no better place to be creative and strive to make good change in the world than in the classroom—and then I get to watch students go on to do amazing things when they graduate. What a privilege it is to teach!”

Dr. Allen poses with Dr. Hunt to present Georgetown’s John Walker Manning Distinguished Mentor and Teacher Award.

Dr. Hunt with students on the KIIS Maya Mexico Winter program


Dr. Laura Hunt

KIIS Maya Mexico Winter
Georgetown College

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