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Living an Austrian Lifestyle

Written by: Ashvanika Dodwani

One of the reasons I chose to study in Austria is because I knew that the small town of Bregenz would allow me to truly explore the living style of Austrians in ways that I might not be able to if I were in a more touristy place or even just in one place the entire time abroad. I wanted to explore various living styles of different countries and through KIIS Austria, I got to do that.

The highlights of my study abroad were living with my host family and visiting multiple countries. Living with my host family allowed me to not only get out of my comfort zone but also to live and eat the way they do. One of the things I made sure to do while abroad was try to taste everything I could in the way it was originally made. I asked my host family to make food or drinks the way they would make it for themselves because it helped me avoid diluting my experience with my comfort. I took that lesson with me to the other six countries that I was able to visit through the KIIS Austria study abroad program.

Studying abroad has truly helped me get out of my comfort zone and say yes to different experiences that I might not always say yes to. It also helped me understand that our mindset has always been to be fast-paced, but that wasn’t the mindset of people in Austria. They took the time to enjoy the presence of their friends and family, without the influence of technology. I take these experiences with me whenever I am in a new environment because it helps me grow and get closer to becoming the person I aspire to be.


Ashvanika Dodwani

KIIS Austria
Berea College

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