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“Living with a host family was a very rewarding experience because I had to learn how to [communicate] with a family that had a very different culture than me as well as spoke a different language. It was challenging at times, but my host mom was very caring with my roommate and I, understanding with the language barrier, and hilarious.”

– BayLeigh, Spain II

“This experience was so worthwhile. It not only helped me to improve my Spanish speaking and reading skills, but it allowed me to experience firsthand what living in another country was like. This journey has shaped my view of the world and the people in it in a way that could have not been done if I had just remained sitting in my desk back in the states.”

Savannah, Spain II

“My favorite experience was going to El Palacio de La Granja, which is a palace right outside Segovia. Everything was decorated so extravagantly, both the inside as well as the gardens. We went on one of the only days that they turned on the water in the fountains in the summer.”

Carroll, Spain II

I woke up one day there, and I heard guitar music playing outside, I saw hot air balloons flying outside my window, and I smelled authentic Spanish food from the market outdoors. And I thought ‘wow, you just can’t get the same traveling experience without having a program like this.”

Grace, Spain II

“I chose to study abroad in Spain because I wanted to travel to Europe and KIIS offered 6 transferable credit hours that went towards my Spanish major. Studying abroad in Spain is one of my most beautiful memories and I would do anything to relive it one more time with the beautiful people I met along the way.”

– Kristina, Spain II

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