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“I wanted to go on the KIIS Slavic Europe program because not many people can say they’ve been to Ukraine and presented at an international conference. I chose the KIIS Berlin program because I have always wanted to visit Germany, and this was a great opportunity to explore more countries in Europe. I would highly recommend studying abroad to any college student. The paper and conference along with having two study abroad programs on my CV were talking points when I applied for graduate school at MTSU for a master’s degree in Historic Preservation. MTSU was impressed with my experiences studying abroad and offered me a graduate assistantship within my department.”

– Abby, Berlin & Slavic Europe

“I spent three weeks studying WWII and Holocaust history in L’viv, Ukraine and Warsaw and Krakow, Poland. It was this experience that made me realize the benefits of learning on location and studying abroad. This realization was so strong for me that upon my return to Kentucky my career aspirations shifted and I decided to pursue a career in the international education field. I knew that I wanted a job that helped make sure that all students have the ability to study abroad and experience the world just as I was able to through KIIS.”

– Courtney, Slavic Europe

“We are very pleased with the experience our daughter had during the KIIS Slavic Europe study abroad program. It truly surpassed our expectations. It was a wonderful opportunity for Abby to visit a part of the world that most people don’t focus on. Her participation in the classroom and her interactions with the people will be something that she will never forget.”

– Larry, parent of Slavic Europe student

“This was a one of a kind opportunity to really experience the culture, create new memories, and make life long friends. Too often we live in a bubble, this program introduced me to a different way of life.  After living in a post soviet society during the program, I gained a greater appreciation for what I have and a greater understanding of the world at large.”

– Patrick, Slavic Europe

“The program has changed my life, quite literally. It has been the foundation of my academic career with an MA in History, MA in Heritage Management, and now a PhD in World Heritage.  Throughout my career everything has came back to the summer I initially spent in Ukraine and Poland on the KIIS Slavic Europe program. I wouldn’t take it back for anything in this world. Recommend to everyone!”

– Brandi, Slavic Europe


“I had an amazing time traveling through Slavic Europe. It was great to get out of my comfort zone and experience a completely different culture.”

– Julia, Slavic Europe

“Having been a part of this program two times, I can honestly say that my time in Slavic Europe with KIIS was one of the highlights of my college experience.  There is nothing quite like learning about WWII and Holocaust history in the very location where it happened.  It is experiential learning at its finest and studying in Eastern Europe has, and continues to, open so many doors for me.”     

– Courtney, Slavic Europe 

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