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“This was my first time out of the country, and it entirely shifted my mindset about the world and society. Studying abroad during college is something that I will always be thankful for!”

– Jasmine, Paris 1

“I spent my whole life only seeing pictures and figurines of the Eiffel Tower, so the fact that I was there is still mind blowing. My favorite experience was probably having a photoshoot in the Tuileries Garden.”

– China, Paris I

“Traveling with KIIS has given me opportunities to capture the light, movement and personality of Paris. My roommates quickly became my best friends, and the interpersonal connection I’ve developed with my professor is one I am forever grateful for. Je t’aime, Paris!”

– Emily, Paris I

“Study abroad taught me, in the most hands-on way possible, how to truly live. Never, for one single moment of my life, have I regretted my decision to study abroad, and I never will. It is easily the best investment that a person can make in herself, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

– Whitney, Paris I

“Studying abroad in Paris was the best experience of my life. I had the opportunity to see painting and monuments that can take some people a lifetime to see. I met some amazing people and I will never forget the experience I shared with my peers whether it be walking down the streets, the nightlife or just doing homework in the park.”

– Kaharie, Paris I

“It was a dream. When I stepped off the plane in Paris, France I still couldn’t believe it was a reality. The city became our classroom, and our home, for the month aboard. The people I met and lived with are not ones I will soon forget. I learned a lot about myself and gained a new perspective of the world.”

– Alexis, Paris I

This is my second time studying through the KIIS, and if I could there would be a third! I took 2 photography classes while on the KIIS Paris 1 trip and I really feel like these 2 classes pushed me in the direction of getting a way better insight of this beautiful city. The assignments were always fun and we were usually out and about in the city!”

– Betty, Paris I

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