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“One thing I promised Angelique during her time in college was the chance to study abroad. When the opportunity presented itself for Angelique to travel to Italy, I couldn’t say no. I was definitely nervous at first, but I knew she was in good hands with the KIIS faculty and program directors. During her time abroad, Angelique visited Florence and Rome. She learned all about Italian culture, food, history, art, and so much more. Angelique reflects on her memories from the trip to this day and is still in contact with her classmates with whom she traveled. I would encourage every student to take advantage of this incredible opportunity and am forever grateful to KIIS for giving my daughter an experience she will never forget!”

– Viveca, parent of KIIS Italy student

“When Courtney first told me that she wanted to study abroad, I thought to myself no way. But then she began to explain how study abroad would help her in her educational career. The Costa Rica study abroad program was one of the best things that could’ve happened to my daughter. Educationally this trip helped Courtney see that there are different ways to learn especially outside of the classroom. She met lifelong friends and mentors on the KIIS trip to Costa Rica. If I could tell any other parent one thing their child should do in college, it would be to study abroad. Those credits even helped her graduate on time.”

– Phil and Nicola, parents of KIIS Costa Rica student

“As a lifelong musician, our daughter dreamed of going to Salzburg, Austria. Exploring the sights of the city like the birthplace of Mozart, the Sound of Music locales and the Belvedere Museum to see the work of Gustav Klimt and Egon Shiele has broadened her view of the world. Studying the history of the city and the history of the Hapsburgs has deepened her education in the field of Humanities. Our daughter has enjoyed the friendships she has made with the other students during her time with KIIS. This was a wonderful and meaningful experience for her!”

– Elizabeth and Chris, parents of KIIS Salzburg student

“When our daughter expressed interest in traveling to Tanzania, we were somewhat concerned. It’s so far away, is it safe? Our concerns were quickly resolved as we gained information regarding the program success, stability and purpose. Our daughter has had a life-changing experience; the beauty of Africa, an amazing culture and the formation of lasting personal relationships. I recommend each student takes advantage of this opportunity!”

– James and Rona, parents of KIIS Tanzania & Zanzibar student

“We are very pleased with the experience our daughter had during the KIIS Slavic Europe study abroad program. It truly surpassed our expectations. It was a wonderful opportunity for Abby to visit a part of the world that most people don’t focus on. Her participation in the classroom and her interactions with the people will be something that she will never forget.”

– Larry, parent of KIIS Slavic Europe student

“As parents, we seek opportunities to support our daughter’s efforts to enrich her education and expand her academic opportunities. Participating in KIIS’ Maya Mexico program allowed Mallory to learn about Mexican history and culture while also being immersed in the Spanish language. We very much appreciate the support and care that Dr. Dizgun and his team with KIIS provided Mallory during her time abroad, giving her an enjoyable and educational experience, and us a sense of confidence and safety. We are excited for her and her next KIIS experience!”

– Chris, parent of KIIS Maya Mexico student

“Studying abroad in Tanzania and Zanzibar for our daughter Molly was an incredible adventure. Helping and learning in the nursing field allowed her to gain an immense amount of experience while also enhancing her compassion, empathy and respect for the field. Stepping out to new and different cultures is a great way to learn, share skills and allows students to become well-rounded. Getting to experience new parts of the world, creating lifelong friendships and the great staff at KIIS is an added bonus! We are so happy our daughter had this opportunity!”

– Alisa, parent of KIIS Tanzania & Zanzibar student

“Teaching in Ecuador is a blast! On campus we can show pictures, and pull out lab specimens. But in Ecuador, we walk out the door and we are surrounded by tropical life. One would have to work very hard to not be awed by the lushness of the rain forest, the biological richness and ruggedness of the mountains, and the magical beauty of the Galapagos Islands!”

– Malcolm Frisbie, Eastern Kentucky University Biology Professor, KIIS Ecuador Faculty


“Going abroad with students is the best part of my job! Students who go abroad are forever changed, both personally and professionally. They grow in so many ways, developing a skill for flexibility and cultural sensitivity that sets them apart from their peers. Finally, many of them gain language proficiency that cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom, opening doors to new career opportunities.”

– Laura Hunt, Georgetown College Spanish Professor, KIIS Maya Mexico Winter Faculty

“We commonly visit places for 2-3 days at a time, but living in and exploring a new place for five weeks is a completely different experience. Students and teachers alike will end up feeling like they have a second home in the world.”

–  Mike D’Ambrosio, Murray State University Music Professor, KIIS Salzburg Faculty

“I LOVE teaching and learning in a culture outside the United States.  Tanzania especially provides a wonderful opportunity for students (and me) to evolve into people who understand the beauty and richness of our diverse world.  We also realize that different experiences provide powerful learning moments.”

– Paul Clark, University of Louisville Nursing Professor, KIIS Tanzania Faculty

“By studying abroad and living with a host family, they really get to experience the culture from the inside out. It’s more up-close and personal rather than just observing it from a distance, and the language and cultural learning that happens in the classroom can be applied and expanded every day in the streets, in the host families, on weekend trips, etc. so it’s much more vivid and meaningful.”

– Lisa Kuriscak, Ball State University Spanish Professor, KIIS Spain I & Spain II Faculty

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