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“KIIS really helped me to get out of my comfort zone and made me more confident in myself. I made several new friends on my program that I still talk to, and we hang out still. Getting to see Greece was truly amazing.”

– Danielle, Greece Summer

“The hike is never easy, but the view is always worth it!”

– Allison, Greece

“Acclimating to a culture that isn’t my own is a humbling reminder that His world, this earth, isn’t mine, or anyone’s; we are all in this together, and we all have to take care of each other.”

– Hannah, Greece

“Not only is Greece one of the most historically known places in the world, but arguably the most beautiful.”

– Sabrina, Greece

“When people ask me how my time in Greece was, It is a lot harder to answer than I had originally thought. Greece was so much more than words can even describe, but I try my best; it was life-changing, inspiring, and beautiful. I loved the country and the people that I get to call my friends.”

– Kaelin, Greece

“While listening to my professor lecture about the Greek theater at Epidaurus, a little girl stepped into the middle of the stage. She sang a song in a language that we couldn’t understand, but by the end of the song, our eyes were filled with tears. The spirit of the lecture, theater, and study abroad were captured perfectly in that moment.”

– Maren, Greece  

“The study abroad trip to Greece made the learning of ancient Greece and Greeks more personal because I was witnessing the locations and artifacts that we were discussing which made it seem more real. We weren’t talking about events that happened in a far away land but were discussing events that happened on the very ground we were stepping on. To me, it just blew my mind and made me love every minute of my journey.”

-Amanda, Greece 

“Greece was… phenomenal to say the least. It truly felt like a home away from home. The food was great (which is saying something because I am a VERY picky eater), but the sights were even better. Being able to walk through a modern city/country and millennia old ruins almost simultaneously is absolutely astounding.”

– Sean, Greece

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