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“My favorite experience has been the ability to travel to other countries that I would never have the chance to go see otherwise! I also really enjoy meeting people from all other the world, in my classes and while I’m traveling.”

– Maddie, France Spring Semester

“I chose to study abroad in Caen because I knew I wanted to spend a semester in France, and the KIIS program ending up being the most affordable, and best program that I could find.”

– Nathan, France Spring Semester

“I choose to study in Caen because it offered chance to not only further my knowledge of the French language and culture, but also the chance to experience it all first hand. It also allowed me to knock out quite a few of the credit hours need for my French Major.”

– Julia, France Spring Semester


“My favorite experience was spending time with my host family, whether practicing piano with their children or discussing language and history by the fire.”

– Tobias, France Spring Semester

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