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“Despite how drastic the change was for me, I was fully indulged in Costa Rican culture. I was able to experience the Costa Rica and Nicaragua soccer rivalry in person, I ate tons of “Tico” (the nickname for Costa Ricans) food, and did a lot of other adventurous things. I climbed mountains, swam in rivers, and most of all grew as a person. The rural farm life in La Paz and the urban coffee city of San Marcos both helped me grow in terms of Spanish language skills and I grew connections with both of my host families.”

– Brendan, Costa Rica

“Going to Costa Rica helped me go out of my comfort zone and try new things. Through this program, I was able to watch myself transform into a stronger leader and individual.”

– Alicia, Costa Rica

“It’s been a great experience so far, I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve experienced. I am eager to see what else I’m going to experience.”

– Larry, Costa Rica

“Studying in Costa Rica changed my life. I did not just have one professor but the entire country was like a professor. I learned so much information outside the classroom and inside my home stay.”

– Courtney, Costa Rica

“My trip to Costa Rica was beyond amazing. Being immersed in a new culture, especially one as great as it is in Costa Rica, really opened my eyes and taught me more than a tradition class ever could. You really get to learn a lot about not only your focus area that you study, but also about yourself which is really beneficial.”

– Rachel, Costa Rica

“On the KIIS Costa Rica trip, I realized just how much you need to be immersed in a culture to understand its people, language, and customs. Sure you can read about them in a book or take a language class, but having the opportunity to live with the host families in San Marcos and La Paz was what allowed me to gain a true appreciation for the Spanish language and the people who speak it.”

– Christina, Costa Rica

“My heart has never been as full as it is after living in Costa Rica among some of the most loving people I’ve ever met, who truly know how to appreciate the little things in life. After Costa Rica, I hope to appreciate every opportunity I get, say buenos días to every person I meet on the road, and go back to visit my host family someday.”

– Tess, Costa Rica

“Through these personal (teaching) connections that I was invited to hike Cerro de la Cruz and participate in a reforestation project (pictured in this photo), to go dancing with some of the students from the classes that we worked with, and to learn and compare the education system in Costa Rica with that of the United States.”

Paige, Costa Rica

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