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“I wanted to go on the KIIS Slavic Europe program because not many people can say they’ve been to Ukraine and presented at an international conference. I chose the KIIS Berlin program because I have always wanted to visit Germany, and this was a great opportunity to explore more countries in Europe. I would highly recommend studying abroad to any college student. The paper and conference along with having two study abroad programs on my CV were talking points when I applied for graduate school at MTSU for a master’s degree in Historic Preservation. MTSU was impressed with my experiences studying abroad and offered me a graduate assistantship within my department.”

– Abby, Berlin & Slavic Europe

“So far we have encountered several excursions on this trip, thanks to the wonderful KIIS program and our fantastic professors. One of the more vibrant excursions that we went on was a trip to the Berlin Wall Flea Market. The flea market was an exciting melting pot of all sorts of people, food, and vendors.”

– Xena, Berlin

You may think you are diverse in the United States, but you never know what diversity is until you have traveled with the KIIS program.  It’s more than an educational experience it is an experience that will change your views about yourself and the world in a very positive manner.”

– Tonya, Berlin

“Studying abroad pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me truly see that life and the world begin there.”

Megan, Berlin

“Through daily interactions with the locals at markets and shops, I developed a confidence in myself in managing new situations rather than avoiding them… I was not always successful in the trials of communicating with the locals, but I learned from my mistakes and adjusted how I would approach the same situation again. I have gained a sense of independence that I lacked before the program.”

– Katerina, Berlin

“Berlin is a city steeped in history, yet the city is still very young. Having been bombed at the end of World War II the city is filled with buildings that are reconstructions, thus modern, but that carry the weight of their history. In the course of four days one can barely scratch the surface of everything there is to do in Berlin.”

– Michael, Berlin

“The Berlin trip has helped my graphic design skills more than I ever would have thought. Coming back to the states and working on graphic design projects and even just viewing the world around me, I am more aware of design in my daily life and the Bauhaus principles I was taught have definitely shown in the work I have done since I have returned.”  

– Angela, Berlin

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