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“Leave your comfort zone at home. Studying abroad is about pushing your personal boundaries to truly experience the world around you. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Ask for directions in a new language, try unusual food at a street fair, and buy the bus ticket to a magnificent waterfall 17 hours away. You learn more from those experiences than the ones found within the confines of your hotel room. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

– Gabrielle, Argentina

Argentina-Ashley McCray at Iguazu Falls

“KIIS Argentina provided me a holistic opportunity. I returned to my “home away from home,” gained experiential knowledge, and earned internship credit for my Master’s program. I also discovered my love for waterfalls by going to Iguazu Falls in Brazil through this program”

– Ashley, Argentina

“The best lessons I learned in Argentina came from my experiences interacting with the local people and their ways of life. KIIS Argentina provided me with the tools to fully explore Buenos Aires and its diverse culture and history. Argentina might not be the first place that comes to a person’s mind when they think “study abroad,” but a wise student should definitely consider the awesomeness that is Argentina.”

– Alex, Argentina

“The true value of the experience isn’t only what you see. The hidden worth of your experience returns with you in unexpected ways. It can be a new appreciation for corner coffee shops, new confidence in riding the subway or learning to communicate using charades. The adventure doesn’t end when you get on the plane to come home, instead it opens the door to a new and less far away world.”  

– Shaleena, Argentina

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