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A five-day, four-night excursion to the German capital; the specific itinerary for each year’s visit will be determined during the semester. In the past, the excursion has featured a Berlin tour, visits to the Sanssouci palace in Potsdam, and a stop at the German Spy Museum. The excursion also includes time for individual exploration of the city.


June 7 – June 22, 2021
Program Cancelled
(to return in Summer 2022)


Communication, English, Gender & Women’s Studies, History, Honors


Dec. 1: Apply Early & Save $100
Feb. 15: Regular Deadline 

Program Overview

Based in Berlin’s vibrant and centrally located Prenzlauer Berg district, the KIIS Berlin program affords participants a unique chance to explore Germany’s thriving capital, art, culture, and history. Classes are divided between formal classwork, field workshops, and guided excursions that provide students direct contact with the city, its streets, and its heritage.

Language Requirement: None. All courses are taught in English. 

Accommodations: Hostel/Hotel, 3-4 people per room.

OrientationMandatory orientation on Saturday, April 17 in Bowling Green, KY. See Orientation for more information.


All courses are taught in English and are 3 credit hours. You may enroll in 1 course.

COMM 365 Intercultural Communication

Dr. Julie Snyder-Yuly

Using Berlin as our classroom, we will explore intercultural communication from a critical perspective. Using intercultural terminology, theories, and perspectives students will examine differences in communication styles within and between cultures. As a result, issues of race, nation, class, gender, religion, immigration, and sexual orientation will be of significant concern. In this course, we will develop a greater understanding of the role of power, history, globalization, discourse, and language in intercultural communication.

ENG 399/GWS 475/HON 300 Topics: Spies, Glamor and Betrayal in Berlin

Dr. Sylvia Henneberg

This course centers on Berlin’s espionage practices and German as well as international artists’ aesthetic and psychological responses to the Cold War and spying. We will examine how illicit practices and covert operations have affected the literary imagination as well as gender sensibilities in this period and beyond.

HIST 426 Nazi Germany

Dr. Timothy Welliver

This course will trace the origins and impact of National Socialism in Germany. We will explore the Adolf Hitler’s early life, the crises of the Weimar era, the Nazis’ rise to power, their social and cultural policies, the war, genocide, and the legacy of the Nazi regime.

All KIIS course credit is awarded by Western Kentucky University. Prior to your KIIS program, please speak with your home campus academic advisor and/or study abroad office to determine course equivalencies. Grades will be transferred to your home institution in mid-August after the completion of the program. Course offerings are subject to change according to enrollment. For more information, visit Transcripts & Grades.

Program Excursions


Berlin is a foodie’s dream!  From traditional Wurst stands to many different types of Asian, Italian and Russian, and Vegan restaurants, the food and coffee scene in Berlin offers a lot to explore!

Art and Museums

Pergammon Museum, Martin Gropius Bau, Hamburger Hauptbahnhof, KZ Contemporary, the Berlin Biennial, and as many more as we can squeeze in.  Berlin is the museum capital of the world, many of which are world class.


If tickets are to be had, we will be attending the last concert performance of Sir Simon Rattle, the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic, accompanied by his famous wife, mezzo-soprano Magdalena Kožená, in the outdoor stadium in the Olympic Park.


Spreewald is a lush reserve on the river Spree south of Berlin. This land consists of 200 small canals that wind their ways through quaint old German towns. We will stay overnight in the small town of Burg and canoe or hike in the Spreewald.

Potsdam and Sanssouci Palace

Designed to rival Versailles, Sanssouci was the summer palace of Frederick the Great. Its name means “without a care”. Potsdam itself is markedly different from Berlin in architecture and feel. We will explore both.

Jewish Museum, Holocaust Memorial, and Sachsenhausen

Berlin’s Jewish Museum is one of the best memorial museums in the world. We will visit the Jewish museum, the Holocaust Memorial, a massive outdoor installation near the Brandenburg Gate, as well as the Sachsenhausen concentration camp on the outskirts of Berlin.

Markets and the Berlin Wall

Markets are vibrant, cultural hubs of contemporary German culture, and we will visit several in various parts of the city including the Mauerpark Fleamarket, held in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, making sure to visit the Berlin Wall Documentation Center and Church.

Neighborhood Walks

We begin our trip with several walks around Berlin that will highlight World War II history, the Holocaust of the Jewish culture in Berlin, the Soviet occupation and Berlin’s rebirth as the center of modern Germany.

What's Included

Program Cost: $2,850 + airfare

Earn up to 3 Credit Hours

Airport Transfers in Berlin



Groups Excursions & Transport

Berlin Metro/Bus Pass

Security Evacuation Protection

Medical Insurance

Program Director & Faculty
on-site 24/7

To help you budget, keep in mind that you are responsible for the cost of obtaining a passport ($145), two meals per day + personal expenses (approx. $400-600 depending on your food tastes/spending habits/optional independent travel preferences), any class readings/materials, and any fees from your college/university.

Although KIIS tries to foresee all possible expenses in formulating program fees, please note that dramatic fluctuations in foreign currency valuations and/or airline surcharges may affect the total cost of the program.

International Flight

Estimated Cost: $1,700 – $1,800

The Berlin program does not offer a group flight option. You will purchase your own roundtrip airfare.

You must plan to arrive in Berlin on June 8. Flights to Germany are typically overnight flights which means you must depart the USA by June 7. The Berlin program concludes on June 22. Return flights from Germany to the USA are typically the same day.

Visit Flights and Passports & Visas for more information.

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