NEW FOR 2015! SPAN 306 Experiencing Spanish Abroad: NGOs and Local Small Businesses (3 Hours)
This course is designed to provide intermediate/advanced students of Spanish with a practical understudying of how new entrepreneurs and small ONG's function in today's Spanish society. As part of the course work, there will be periodical group visits to selected local businesses in Segovia to provide students with the opportunity to talk to different businesspeople about their enterprises. In addition, each student will volunteer for a local NGO and/or small business. During this time, each student will have the chance to learn about the work and philosophy behind a particular public organization, while improving his/her oral skills. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 373 Spanish Civilization And Culture (3 Hours)
Survey of historical and cultural background of Spain and its people from the Roman colonization to the present. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 374 Literature And Culture Of Spain (3 Hours)
An introduction to the culture of Spain through the study of literary texts. The course discusses the historical contexts and cultural milieu that produced selected texts. The analysis of literary texts is introduced. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 455 Topics: Spanish Art & Architecture (3 Hours)
The course focuses on significant aspects of Spanish fine arts and architectural representations thought the centuries. Taught in Spanish.

NEW FOR 2015! SPAN 470 Advanced Oral Spanish: On-site Cultural Workshops (3 Hours)
Improve your comprehension and speaking skills in Spanish through a series of mini-workshops that include: Flamenco and Arab-Gipsy-Jewish dance, Spanish gastronomy, Spanish contemporary short films, Spanish mass media (radio and newspapers), traditional arts and crafts, and graphic arts. The hands-on experience is complemented with oral discussions and reading materials. Expert faculty, artists, and other professionals will lead every session. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 499 Advanced Studies in Spanish: Writing Workshop (3 Hours)
The course provides students an opportunity to develop confidence and accuracy in writing creatively in Spanish. Taught in Spanish.

Non-credit: Pewter Workshop
This non-credit course affords students an opportunity to design and create unique works of art to bring home. Taught by local Spanish Artisan.

Honors Augmentation and Independent Study Available on an Individual Basis

Please note: Students should have at least 12 hours of college-level Spanish (or the equivalent) at time of departure. All courses are taught in Spanish unless otherwise stated. Course credit will be issued by Western Kentucky University. The WKU Registrar will transfer your grades to your home institution approximately 6-8 weeks after the completion of the program. Course offerings are subject to change according to enrollment.

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