New for 2012, the KIIS summer program in Southern Spain enables students to explore the rich cultural history and expression that developed in the western Mediterranean where Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in close proximity. Southern Spain (Andalucia) was governed for over 700 years by Muslim rulers who created rich, diverse, and intellectual courts that left a tangible and lasting impression on the region.

The program is situated in Cordoba, a UNESCO World Heritage site, once the capital of Al-Andalus (Muslim Spain). Students visit Madinat al Zahra (archaeological site of an Umayyad palace), Sevilla (which succeeded Cordoba as Andalucias' capital), and Granada (home of the fabulous Nasrid palace - the Alhambra). A four-day excursion at the end of the program will cross the Straight of Gibraltar to explore Morocco and its close connections with Andalucia. The program also coincides with the Noche Blanca, an internationally recognized all-night celebration of Flamenco, and the International Festival of Sephardic Music. Just a few hours away are the beaches of Spain's famed Costa del Sol.

Program participants stay at the Hostal Maestre, a traditionally laid out complex with interior courtyards, that has been modernized to include wifi and air conditioning.

Knowledge of Spanish is not required for this program. Students with some language proficiency will be able to improve their speaking skills as well as their knowledge of Spanish culture through interaction with locals.

Please note: Prospective students should be aware that the Southern Spain program is a bit more strenuous than some overseas programs. Students should be prepared to walk a mile or two each day, and to protect themselves from the hot Mediterranean climate by carrying water, wearing hats, etc.

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