Any request to withdraw from a KIIS program must be done in writing by emailing

The $250 application deposit will be refunded if:
  a student with a complete application is not accepted into his/her program
  a student is placed on a waiting list and a space does not become available
  a student on a waiting list is offered a space on another KIIS program and declines the offer

The $250 application deposit will not be refunded if:
  a student withdraws his/her application at any time for any reason
  a student is removed from his/her program due to non-payment of program fees or not submitted Admitted Student forms on time.
  a student on a waiting list is offered a space in his/her program but decides not to accept it
  a student's KIIS application remains incomplete (i.e. missing transcript, faculty rec, etc.) following the regular application deadline

The program fee:
  after March 15 and before April 15 the cancellation fee will comprise all unrecoverable fees that have been committed and/or paid      on a student's behalf (such as airline tickets, housing deposits, faculty costs, etc.) plus a $700 administrative fee.

  after April 15, no refunds will be made. Students are responsible for their entire KIIS program fee (airfare included, if on the group      flight) should they withdraw from their KIIS Summer program after April 15.

  for Fall Semester programs: the above two payment/refund dates correspond to May 1 and June 1.
  for Winter programs programs: the above two payment/refund dates correspond to Oct. 15 and Nov. 15.
  for Spring Semester programs: the above two payment/refund dates correspond to Nov. 1 and Dec. 1.

  All students must have a valid passport to travel abroad. Typically, passports must be valid for six months after one's return to the      U.S. If a student does not have or receive his or her passport by the date of KIIS program departure, KIIS will not provide the student      with a refund of any kind. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that he or she has a valid passport prior to program departure.

  Non-US citizens must ensure they have any necessary visa(s) to enter the program country/countries, if applicable. If asked, KIIS will      furnish the student with a letter supporting their visa application (to their program country). If a student does not obtain a visa prior to      departure, or is denied a visa at the foreign Embassy or Consulate, or at the point of entry into the country, KIIS will not be held      responsible and, if after April 15 (or June 1 in the case of KIIS Fall Semester programs or November 15 in the case of KIIS Winter and December 1 in the case of Spring Semester programs), will not provide the student with a refund of any kind.

  If the airline or the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) refuses to allow a student to board his or her flight to the KIIS      program site, and as a result the student is unable to participate on their KIIS program, KIIS will not provide the student with a refund      of any kind.

Group airfare (Option 2):
  to save students money, typically KIIS purchases the least expensive group airfare available; such tickets are non-refundable.

  In the event that KIIS cancels a program and returns the student to the United States for Terrorism or Security reasons, the amount      of the program fee will be refunded to the student minus already expended funds.

  Through CISI Insurance (Cultural Insurance Services International), KIIS provides Trip Cancellation—Terrorism. The benefit pays up      to $5000 of protection to recover non-refundable expenses already paid due to loss if the scheduled trip must be canceled within 45      days of departure due to terrorist activities (as determined by the U.S. State Department).

  Through CISI, KIIS provides students and faculty with Security Evacuation Protection designed to provide evacuation services in the      event of threats of political, security, and natural disaster in the host country (the benefit pays for the evacuation of students and      faculty from the host country and their return to the U.S.).

  Through CISI, KIIS provides a Trip Interruption Benefit which returns a KIIS participant to the U.S. (and back to their KIIS program if      desired) in the event a family member (parents, children, siblings, or grandparents) passes away or becomes gravely ill.

  KIIS does not provide other forms of trip cancellation insurance (i.e. should you need to cancel your participation in the program      prior to departure or leave the program prematurely while abroad). Should you wish to purchase trip cancellation insurance      (recommended), consider Worldwide Trip Protector through Travel Insured International or similar options at

  KIIS reserves the right to cancel any of its programs due to war, political unrest, terrorism, natural disaster, low enrollment,      unforeseen circumstances, or a travel warning issued by the U.S. State Department.

Expulsion: KIIS has established certain rules and guidelines for participation, both general and program-specific. As participants, students are expected to conform to acceptable standards of behavior. Any student who, in the judgment of the Program Director, does not behave accordingly will receive a disciplinary warning or be expelled from the program. Any costs so incurred (including in-country transportation, lodging, meals, and transportation for immediate return to the United States) will be borne by the student. KIIS reports all disciplinary incidents, including expulsion, to the participant's home institution. Each home institution reserves the right to take further action against the participant. Expulsion from a KIIS program will result in the termination of status as a program participant and failing grades in all KIIS courses. KIIS will provide an official transcript of the failing grades to the student's home institution. No refund of any kind is issued to any student dismissed from a KIIS program. Once dismissed, the former participant is not permitted to remain in KIIS program facilities (such as housing) nor participate in any KIIS program group activities.

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