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Professor Welliver talks KIIS Istanbul

Historic, enchanting Istanbul, Turkey opens the door for students to thoroughly explore one of the world's most magnificent, beautiful, and vibrant cities. As the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, the city has many of the most important and stunning architectural monuments of these great Empires. The city was built on the shores of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara. These beautiful bodies of water continue to define the life of the city from its fabulous food to its mode of transportation. The program incorporates weekly excursions in Istanbul and an excursion to the Aegean coast as well as visits to historic and cultural sites such as Pergamum, Troy, and Gallipoli.

The courses in this program each include two hours of daily instruction, four days a week over four weeks, either on-campus or at a site in Istanbul. In addition, one day a week is set aside for excursions to museums, mosques, palaces, churches, and other cultural sites in and around Istanbul. The various excursions greatly enhance the overall learning experience during this four-week period. No knowledge of Turkish is necessary; all instruction is in English.

With the exception of the short Aegean Coast excursion, meals are not included in the cost of the Istanbul program. Students may purchase their meals on-campus or at the many inexpensive restaurants available just off-campus (such a meal costs around $8; meals in the city center can be more expensive). On-campus, there are various types of dining facilities from typical self-service cafeterias (with traditional Turkish fare) to coffee shops (including a Starbucks) and fastfood eateries (i.e. pizza, etc.). See the cost page for info on how much to budget for meals and spending.

Please note: All courses are in English. Prospective students should be aware that the Turkey program is a bit more strenuous than some overseas programs. During the final excursion week, one should be prepared to walk a mile or two each day, sometimes over rough paths, and to protect oneself in the hot Mediterranean climate by carrying water, wearing hats, etc. One should also be aware that the excursions entail extensive travel by bus and seagoing ferry. Finally, one should be aware that many Turks smoke in public places such as restaurants and cafes.

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