Students participating on KIIS programs have two flight options*:

 Option 1: make your own flight arrangements
 Option 2: travel to and from the program destination on the KIIS group flight

*Exceptions: Costa Rica, Israel & Egypt, and Peru programs have a required group flight and only Option 2 is available.
                    Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris II programs have no group flight and only Option 1 is available.

During the online KIIS application process, students are asked to select Option 1 or Option 2.

After submitting their online application, students cannot later change their Option 1 or Option 2 selection.

Read the following before continuing with your flight selection:

 In deciding between Option 1 or Option 2, keep in mind that most KIIS group flights depart from Louisville or Cincinnati. Each     program's departure cities are listed at the bottom of each program's "cost" page on the KIIS website.

 Because KIIS cannot yet state with certainty the price of the group flight, for each program we offer a price range for Option 2.
    For example, if Option 1 is listed online at $3,500, and Option 2 is listed at $5,000 - $5,200, then the group flight for that KIIS program     will cost between $1,500 and $1,700.

 KIIS aims to purchase the least expensive group flight available. We take into account the flight itinerary in making group flight decisions.     While KIIS does all it can to purchase the least expensive group flight, you very well may locate a less expensive option on your own.     Generally (though not always), the KIIS group flight price is competitive with Option 1 ticket options. In some instances, it costs less.     Many students (and their parents/families) value the convenience of flying on the KIIS group flight to/from the foreign program site.

 If you select Option 2, you cannot deviate at all from the group flight itinerary (i.e. the group flight travels from Cincinnati-Atlanta-Madrid     and you wish to board the flight in Atlanta rather than Cincinnati. It cannot be done). The group flight dates cannot be changed either.

 If you are applying to two KIIS programs or intend (or have a desire) to travel in the host country or region (i.e. Europe) before or after     your KIIS program, choose Option 1.

 If you select Option 1 and wish to travel on available KIIS in-country group ground transportation to the program site, you must arrive at     the host country airport at or before the group flight arrives (similarly, your return flight home must depart at or after the group flight).

 If you select Option 1, KIIS strongly discourages standby flights. In the event you opt to take a standby flight, you are advised to do so at     least 3 days before the program departure. If you fail to arrive at the KIIS program site by the second day beyond the start date, you may     not be allowed to participate in the program and will forfeit the program fee.

 Some students wish to travel on the group flight in one direction and then on their own in the other (i.e. arrive on the group flight, but     then remain abroad after the program ends). In such cases, select Option 1 and then simply purchase your own individual ticket so that     it matches the arriving group flight itinerary. Summer group flight itineraries are posted to student accounts on April 1.

 Similarly, let's say the group flight travels from Cincinnati-New York-Prague (likewise Prague-New York-Cincinnati) and you wish to depart     from Chicago instead of Cincinnati but still travel with the group from New York to Prague. In such cases, select Option 1 and then simply     purchase your own individual ticket so that it matches the group flight leg from New York to Prague (and Prague to New York, if desired).

 If you select Option 1, keep in mind:
   - flights from the U.S. TO Europe, Argentina/Chile, Asia, and Africa depart the U.S. one day and arrive abroad the next. For example, if       you depart the U.S. to Greece on May 16 you would arrive in Athens (Greece) on May 17.

   - flights RETURNING from Argentina/Chile to the U.S. depart Argentina/Chile one day and arrive to the U.S. the following day. For       example, you depart Buenos Aires at 9pm and arrive to the U.S. at 7am the following day.

   - flights RETURNING from Africa to the U.S. depart Africa one day and arrive to the U.S. the following day. For example, you depart       Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) on July 9 and arrive to the U.S. on July 10.

   - typically, flights RETURNING from Europe and Asia to the U.S. depart Europe/Asia the same day they arrive to the U.S. For example,       you depart Athens (Greece) on June 22 and arrive to the U.S. on June 22.

 Unless you have received confirmation from your KIIS Program Director, Option 1 students should not purchase their individual flight     prior to acceptance into their KIIS program.

 Final Option 2 prices (i.e. with the exact group flight price) will be added on April 1, to KIIS accounts of students who selected Option 2     during the online application process (November 15 in the case of the KIIS Winter or Spring Semester programs) . If at any point the     airline adds a fuel surcharge to the group flight after purchase, this cost will be passed along to all Option 2 (group flight) students.

 After the group flight prices are finalized on April 1, the program's group flight itinerary will be posted to KIIS accounts and viewable by all     program participants (November 15 in the case of the KIIS Winter or Spring Semester programs).

  Non-US citizens must ensure they have any necessary visa(s) to enter the program country/countries, if applicable. If asked, KIIS will      furnish the student with a letter supporting their visa application (to their program country). If a student does not obtain a visa prior to      departure, or is denied a visa at the foreign Embassy or Consulate, or at the point of entry into the country, KIIS will not be held      responsible and, if after April 15, will not provide the student with a refund of any kind (June 1 in the case of the KIIS Fall Semester      programs, November 15 in the case of the KIIS Winter programs, or December 1 in the case of the Spring Semester programs).

  KIIS does not provide other forms of trip cancellation insurance (i.e. should you need to cancel your participation in the program prior to      departure or leave the program prematurely while abroad). Should you wish to purchase trip cancellation insurance (recommended),      consider Worldwide Trip Protector through Travel Insured International or various options through

                                       Remember: you cannot change your initial Option 1 or Option 2 selection.

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