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Faculty Eligibility:
KIIS welcomes faculty from all disciplines, including the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, health sciences, law, business, and engineering. For KIIS Summer programs (4-5 weeks in length), each accepted faculty will teach two courses abroad; for KIIS Winter programs and short-term Summer programs: Israel & Egypt, Peru, and Spain May, each faculty teaches one course. Course offerings vary each summer and winter so faculty are free to apply to teach on virtually any KIIS program (see "program exceptions" at the bottom of this page).

Full-time Faculty, Instructors and Adjunct Faculty are welcome to apply. Faculty are not required to speak the language of the host program (the Program Director speaks said language). With the exception of designated language courses, all course instruction is in English. Only faculty from one of the full member KIIS consortium schools are eligible to teach on a KIIS program.

Note: If a Faculty member is planning to go on Sabbatical, is applying for a Fulbright, or will be gone for extendend periods of time during the academic year prior to the Summer 2019 programs, he or she is encouraged to wait until his or her return before applying to teach with KIIS. Recruiting during the Fall and Spring Semesters prior to the Summer and Winter programs is crucial, and KIIS Faculty have found it best to be on-campus during this recruiting period.

Veteran KIIS Faculty as well as new Faculty are welcome to apply to teach abroad. If you are teaching with KIIS for the very first time in Summer 2018, you are encouraged to wait and reapply for a Summer 2020 program as many Faculty have found it best to have a year off in between their first and second year teaching with KIIS. If you taught with KIIS prior to 2017 (i.e. a 2016 program), or you have never taught with KIIS, please apply for a Summer 2019 program.

KIIS takes pride in its high academic standards. KIIS regards international education not as "glorified tourism," but rather a meaningful intellectual and pedagogical exercise aimed at taking full advantage of the host country environment. All student participants must register for at least one course for academic credit though most summer participants choose two (the program fee is the same). Students need a minimum GPA of 2.0 (Summer & Winter) or 2.75 (Semester) at the time of application (though most student participants have considerably higher GPAs). KIIS adheres to all of the applicable regulations of its Sponsoring Institution, Western Kentucky University (WKU). WKU's academic and accreditation standards from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) are utilized by KIIS. Each KIIS course totals at least 37.5 instruction hours. Click here for more on KIIS academic policies.

Faculty members receive the following benefits:
  Teach two courses abroad on KIIS Summer programs (one course on Winter programs)
  Infrastructure already in place: KIIS handles all overseas planning and logistics
  Excursion opportunities in your field of expertise
  Roundtrip international airfare to the program site
  Food, accommodation, travel, and other overseas living expenses
  $2000 stipend for Summer ($1000 stipend for Winter) paid two weeks prior to departure
  Comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of the program
  Security and terrorism evacuation insurance
  Indemnified against liability
  Large pool of students from which to recruit (from among all KIIS member-institutions)
  State-side orientations provide an opportunity to meet fellow faculty members and student participants
  Great professional development opportunities

Faculty Orientations:
All faculty accepted to teach on a KIIS Summer 2018 program must attend two orientation meetings. The first in Bowling Green, KY on September 9, 2017 and the second in Bowling Green on April 14, 2018.

Winter 2018-2019 faculty must attend the April 13, 2018 orientation in Bowling Green and a November 3, 2018 program-specific orientation.

For Summer 2019 programs, accepted faculty must attend the orientations in Bowling Green on September 15, 2018, and April 13, 2019.

KIIS offers faculty teaching opportunities on the following programs (click on a program for more info):
Note: Each program has links related to its: Program Overview, Cost, Courses, Accommodatins, Itinerary, Student Blogs or Videos

Argentina Austria Barcelona Berlin China Costa Rica
Denmark Ecuador Greece Italy (Summer) Italy (Winter) Israel & Egypt
Japan Maya Mexico (Winter) Merida, Mexico (Summer) Morocco Munich Paris I
Paris II Paris-Munich (Winter) Peru Prague Salzburg Spain May (2-week)
Spain I Spain II Tanzania Zanzibar (Winter)

Application Process:
  Choose your desired courses based on: a) geographic location, b) academic focus, and c) expected student interest.
     Note: faculty may submit new/original course proposals, use exisiting KIIS courses or view the WKU course listings.
  Inform your academic supervisor of your intention to apply and provide him/her with details of your faculty application.
  Contact your college or university's Study/Education Abroad office to help familiarize yourself with rigors of international education.
  In the online KIIS database, (1) complete your Profile, (2) upload your CV, (3) answer Part 1 & 2 of the Faculty Application questions
     (include course titles and descriptions) and then (4) Submit your Faculty Supervisor Information.
     Note: Within your application (Part 3), you have the option to indicate interest in teaching on alternative KIIS programs (please include
     separate course titles and descriptions for additional programs rather than submit multiple applications).

Faculty Flight Options: KIIS faculty have the option of flying round-trip with the group (known as Option 2) or flying to and from the program site independently (known as Option 1). If you elect to fly both ways on the group flight, KIIS will purchase your airfare for you. If you elect to fly independently (defined as anything but both ways on the group flight), you will purchase your own airfare and then KIIS will reimburse you for the cost of your airline ticket up to the amount of the group flight. Click here for faculty flight/reimbursement details.

KIIS Summer Programs: Deadlines & Timeline:
  The faculty application deadline for Summer 2019 programs is March 1, 2018 (approx. 14 months prior to the program start date).
  You may apply online anytime between October 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018.
  Faculty selection occurs at the KIIS Board Meeting in April 2018.
  KIIS will inform faculty of acceptance decisions in May 2018.
  Accepted faculty please need to email their two syllabi to by October 1.
    (Note: In accordance with WKU policy, KIIS does not use a plus/minus grading system.)
  Accepted faculty must attend two mandatory faculty orientations: in September 2018 (Bowling Green) and April 2019
    (Bowling Green).

KIIS Winter Programs: Deadlines & Timeline:
  The next faculty application deadline for Winter 2018-2019 programs is November 15, 2017 .
  You may apply online anytime between August 15, 2017 and November 15, 2017.
  KIIS will inform Winter faculty of acceptance decisions by January 15, 2018.
  Accepted Winter faculty please need to email their one syllabus to by March 15.
    (Note: In accordance with WKU policy, KIIS does not use a plus/minus grading system.)
  Winter 2018-2019 faculty must attend the April 2018 orientation in Bowling Green and the November 2018 program-specific
    orientation in Elizabethtown, KY.

"Program Exceptions" (from opening paragraph above):
  The KIIS Munich, Paris II, Spain I, and Spain II summer programs are open to language professors only (must be fluent and can teach      course in the target language).
  Language professors may apply to teach on any KIIS summer program.
  Non-language professors may apply to teach on any KIIS program except Munich, Paris II, Spain I, and Spain II.
  The Ecuador program has a Biology focus.
  The Salzburg program is geared towards music majors (both vocal and instrumental).
  The Tanzania program has a Health focus (Nursing, Health Care Admin, Social Work).
  The Argentina and Austria programs offer Business or Economics courses. Faculty may propose to teach Business or Economics      courses on other KIIS programs as well.
  Several summer programs are offered in alternate years only:
     - Argentina, Peru and Prague programs in even-numbered years (2018, 2020, 2022 and so on).
     - Chile and Slavic-Europe programs in odd-numbered years (2017, 2019. 2021 and so on).

Family Members
Spouses or children may accompany faculty members on KIIS programs, if logisitics permit. Faculty interested in bringing their spouse/partner and/or children should contact their Program Director ahead of time. Faculty are responsible for all related costs, including airfare, accommodations, meals, transportation, entrance fees, health insurance, child care, etc. Any faculty spouse/partner and children present on a KIIS program is required to follow KIIS policies and guidelines as set forth in KIIS written materials, at the KIIS Faculty and Student Orientations, and by their KIIS Program Director or KIIS Executive Director. Faculty spouses/partners and children eighteen and older will be required to sign a KIIS Travel Companion Policy prior to departure; in the case of children under eighteen, the child (if possible) and the faculty-parent are required to sign the KIIS Travel Companion Policy Form.

Faculty are required to purchase medical insurance coverage-- under the KIIS policy as instructed by KIIS ahead of program departure-- for their spouse, partner, and/or children accompanying them on a KIIS program. KIIS requires faculty spouses, partners, and children to be covered under the same KIIS policy as KIIS students, faculty, and program directors for the overall safety and security of all concerned. The charge for spouses, partners, and children is currently over $4 per person per KIIS program day. Faculty pay the cost directly to the KIIS insurance provider (KIIS does not receive any financial benefit, or otherwise, related to the transaction; our motivation is greater safety and security-- e.g. if a security evacuation were ever required abroad, we would want to ensure the faculty's spouse, partner, and children were evacuated with the KIIS group). Note: faculty participating on KIIS programs are not required to purchase medical insurance for themselves; KIIS does so on behalf of KIIS faculty, program directors, and students.

Note: If someone other than the faculty member's spouse will be caring for the child/children, the faculty member must pre-arrange (prior to departure) on-site child care for the duration of the KIIS program. Faculty members may not rely in any way on KIIS program participants (i.e. students) to provide any form of child care (even if paid).

Questions: Contact or 270-745-2187.

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